Thursday, June 14, 2012

run ottawa

I spent Monday through Wednesday in Ottawa for work and for the first time in quite awhile, I got to run along the canal. Even though it was hot and muggy, I loved every second of it. I have spent so much time on those canal paths. Ottawa is where I learned to run. Those canal paths were where I learned to push myself, where I learned to embrace pain, and where I learned to pull back a little when things didn't quite feel right.
rideau canal
I feel like I know every stretch and every corner of those paths. I have struggled through tough runs, run with random strangers, and grinned through first runs back from injuries on those canal paths. I've laughed on those paths, cried on those paths, and even had one of my closest friendships start on those paths. I fell in love with running along that canal - so it is always nice to go back to where it all started and think about how far I've come.

Is there anywhere that makes you feel like you're back where something great began?


Anonymous said...


I'm a montrealer and read your blog. I run on the mountain almost every day and for me, that will always be "where it all began" about 11 years ago. Like with you and the Ottawa canals, I have learned, laughed, cried and made great friends there.
I also ran the Ottawa marathon this year...which was sometimes on the canals and agree that it is a wonderful place to run! Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

I've only run in Ottawa. Well, run on the road. I used to run on tracks in Hamilton, Mississauga and a few others. One day I am going back to Centennial Stadium in Toronto for a track meet - which is where I used to run, that will be a bit weird!

I like running on the canal too! I wish I lived a whole lot closer, but at least I do run along the river at points