Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new balance 890 v2 - a review

Now that I've been running in them for about a month, I thought I'd let you know what I think of the NB 890s. I could have done this earlier, I suppose, but I wanted to make sure I ran in them more than just a couple of times in order to really know how I felt about them. Just in case you want the "official" description of the shoes:
The New Balance 890 v2 provides innovative style in a lightweight package. This neutral shoe takes a "less is more" approach with its simple midsole platform and soft seamless upper, for a quick and nimble feel on the road. Works great for uptempo days and as a lightweight trainer. (source)
Just in case you were keeping score (yeah - I don't expect you to know what shoes I run in), this is my third style of NB shoes (I reviewed the other two styles, the 759/880 and the 1880, here) and definitely the lightest weight shoe I have ever run in.

For me, it is definitely not an "every day trainer." I generally need a shoe with a little more cushion for the long runs - which I think is why the first time I ran more than 4 miles in them (my second or third run in them), I started to really feel the road on the soles of my feet. It wasn't a terrible feeling, more of a distinct awareness that yes, I was running on a hard surface and not in a cushioned shoe.

ready to run
For speedwork and tempo running (and for races up to 10 km), however, this seems to be a pretty good option for me. I have been enjoying being able to feel the ground a little more when I'm trying to run faster and less weight is always a bonus when trying to run fast.

Thumbs up: light, can feel the ground, love the flashy colours (and love the red Canadian edition).
Thumbs down: they aren't quite as breathable as some of the other shoes I have so when it is super hot so are my feet (this is the same complaint I have for the 1880s but not for the 880s), don't come in AA (however, the regular width seems to be working for me)

a percentage of the sales go to support our marathoners
You may remember that I got these shoes for free.* (Did you know that Canada is one of two countries to get a special country edition 890? The other is England...and well, they're hosting the Olympics so they get special everything this year.) So I think the real question is - would I buy a pair. My answer: I would. Would I buy them for regular price? Probably not - but I pretty much refuse to buy any running shoe that's not on sale or without some sort of coupon because I'm thrifty like that and I know that there is almost always a deal to be had in running shoes. Plus, with both of us running, we spend a lot of money on shoes.
the women's version has some yellow, the men's does not
So there you have it. The NB 890 v2 - too light for me for an every day shoe, but a good speedy option.

Do you have "fast shoes"? Do they make you feel faster when you wear them?

*Yes, I got them for free AND I said something nice about them. If I didn't like them, I would tell you...but you'll just have to take my word for that. I was not told I had to review the shoes or say nice things about them in exchange for getting them for free, but I thought you might like to know what I thought of them.


Rebecca said...

As much as I like the design of the shoe, they are not for me :-( there isn't much in terms of stability. Boo!

If they go on sale, might pick up a pair for "style" purposes because I totally need more running shoes ;-)

Linda said...

A friend of mine wears size 11 and has a VERY tough time finding anything that fits. Her strategy is to now pop into a running room, ask what they have in her size and go from there. She was up visiting us recently and needed a new pair - low and behold the ONLY shoe they had in her size was these NB ones. She wasn't too keen on the colour but I explained that I saw them on your blog and that they are SPECIAL.... she bought them and loves them!

Laura said...

I'd love to try a 'lighter' shoe for shorter races/speedwork but I am fearful of injuries...
Love those shoes!