Wednesday, June 06, 2012

national running day?

According to the internet, it is "National Running Day." (and their website is slow...and features Rachel Ray) As a Canadian, I'm never sure if these national days apply to me. Since the definition of the word is "Of or relating to a nation; common to or characteristic of an entire nation" I figure the word "national" applies to a single country - most likely the USA. But when you check the website, there are group "National Run Day" runs in the US, a few in Canada, in Mexico, and a few other countries (even Germany I think).
wish i could run here today
So here's my question - are we (runners) just stupid and don't understand what the word "national" means? Or is someone trying to imply that runners are somehow a nation and we should all hold hands, sing kumbaya, and change the world - one national running day at a time? Regardless. I hope it is a beautiful day for a run. Wherever you are and whatever your national identity.


Rebecca said...

I think it means the holding hands and skipping while we run all happy and fantastic.....?

There are freakin 'national whatever' days every day. Feb. 14th is National Condom Day (thanks to twitter for that morning chuckle)......don't think we are supposed to skip hands and sing kumbaya together on that one ;-)

Marlene said...

I had the same thoughts re: National. Hmmm, does this include me? Runners unite!