Thursday, June 07, 2012

a morning run - in numbers

Number of times I hit snooze this morning: 2 (maybe 3 - I may have pushed the button in my sleep once)
Time I headed out the door: 5:50 AM
Number of minutes run (I didn't bring my garmin so I'm not 100% sure how many miles): about 40
Number of other runners seen: 4 and a half (there was a guy running from the bus to the metro station...he almost counts)
Number of other women running alone: 0 (this is the first time I've done an early morning run by myself)
Number of cyclists seen: 12 (most in full gear)
Number of names I learned: 2 (2 of the cyclists, Conrad and Derek, were talking really loudly to each other)
Number of mattresses seen on the side of the road: 3 (it is garbage day and they'll take pretty much anything here)
Number of times I was almost hit by a car: 1 (yes, even at 6 am, Montreal drivers still suck)
Number of people in the aforementioned car: 6 and they ALL gave me the stink eye for giving them the stink eye
Number of people sleeping on the sidewalk: 1 (I live close to downtown ok?)
Number of times I wished I had stayed in bed: 0

All in all, a successful early morning run. Any numbers to report? Are you a fan of early morning runs?

And just to make you laugh - a random picture I took the other week when I was in Ottawa. I wonder who this guy is...


Rebecca said...

No early morning runs for me! I'm not a big fan of them though. I'm more of an evening runner

Laura said...

I LOVE early morning runs...sometimes the earlier the better.
I see lots o weird stuff as well so I am glad I am not alone.

MelissaNibbles said...

I always workout in the morning. I just can't do it at night. All I want to do is come home and watch tv. That license plate is hilarious.

Marlene said...

I do like the early morning runs! The quiet paths and streets are always so nice, although somehow there is never a shortage of interesting sights. Ha!

Nice job on the run! Have a great weekend! said...

I'm total morning runner! So calm and quiet. Great way to start the day!

and 3 mattresses....what the hell?? That's alot for even for a 20 mile run, no?

MR. Pushup - what a douche!