Monday, June 11, 2012

life is a highway

In the spirit of "My Running Shorts," I'm giving this one a song title heading.

We spent this weekend in Vermont. As usual, it was a great time. There is something about Vermont that just makes me feel happy, calm, and relaxed. As I sat on my aunt and uncle's porch with my family, listened to my niece babble, felt the cool breeze, and heard the wind chimes, I thought "this is one of my happy places." Plus, being there means I get to run here:
it smells as beautiful as it looks
It was nice to get away from work, take a couple of days off of thinking about school, and just sit and be still for a few days. And see pretty much my entire family - also fun.

Now it is back to reality, back to the business of being in Ottawa for work for a few days, an assignment due on Friday (and another on July 31st), and getting going on my thesis. Oh - and a trail race on Saturday! (but that should be fun). I'm glad last night was a beautiful evening to drive home - provided a little extra calm before the storm.

sunset over the blurry city
beautiful evening through a dirty windshield
How was your weekend? Any moments of calm?


Rebecca said...

There is no calm during OFSAA weekend - so tired now said...

My husband and I like to do road trips as well. So relaxing. Especially in areas like Vermont. Glad you had a good weekend before a little craziness.

Marlene said...

I need to have family in Vermont!