Thursday, May 31, 2012

three things thursday - the i'm tired edition

Seriously. I can't remember the last time I was this tired. It must be the combination of all of the busy things I have going on that are taking their toll on me. I just want to sleep. Do you think anyone would notice if I slept for an entire week? Anyway - on with the show!

Thing One: I ended up running the race in my fancy red shoes. They did not bring me a fancy PR (which I figured wouldn't happen anyway) - but that's not the shoe's fault. The shoes were great!
team awesome the 10K crew
I also wore the shortest pair of shorts that I own. Why? Well, why not. I figured they'd make me want to run faster so that I could put longer shorts on.

Thing Two: We had a crazy rain storm on Tuesday evening. Just as I was planning on heading out to the grocery store, the storm came through and just started dumping a crazy amount of rain. I even took a video of the rain coming off the roof to send to Jordan since he was on the train coming home. Then I went to the front of the apartment to check out the street. What I saw was the top picture and was immediately glad I was home to rescue my car (which was a little behind the red one).
top: tuesday evening. bottom: wednesday morning
Luckily the water drained fairly quickly once the rain stopped but there was a decent amount of damage in the city.

Thing Three: I'm going to be at a conference for the next few days which means I not only have to be presentable, but I have to commute. I guess I sort of got used to that in Toronto, but seriously - this working from home thing really messes with you. I get all disgruntled when I have to wear business attire. I used to actually enjoy it. I will be a part of one of the oral presentations at the conference on Saturday. Hopefully it goes well!

Since I haven't done this in awhile - tell me a thing! What is going on with you on this fine Thursday?


Rebecca said...

I hear you about working from home - the combo of being at home, being a track couch and wearing those comfy maternity clothes = when I actually have to 'dress up' again, it is going to feel so wrong.

Well that and I can't fit into any of my work pants yet... said...

If I knew how to wolf whistle I'd be doing it. You look killer in those short shorts girl! Long gorgeous legs.

Eeek. That was like a flash flood.

My thing: I'm having a little baby shower tonight that's being thrown by my [old] running group. I'm not sure if I should dress up or dress down.

Leigh said...

Holy water batman! How fast did all of that rain come down? Glad you were able to save your car though :)

Leigh said...
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Heather said...

As your sister I am privy to hilarious things that your dear blog readers aren't. I must share:

A few years ago, we were shopping, and Kristen only bought bermuda style every day shorts because she decided she was too old to wear shorter style shorts. A few weeks (months?) later, she bought those babies you see in the picture to run in. They barely cover her butt cheeks. I find that hilarious. And I mention it ALL THE TIME. She can't wear mid thigh shorts to walk around in because she is over 30, (and at that time, she was under 30), but she'll go running in glorified underpants. Hilarious.

My thing is that I went to the zoo today!

Love you!

Marlene said...

That rain was insane! Hubs is in Mtl for work and sent me some pics/articles too. Glad it cleared out quickly.

personal investing said...

The last two pictures just show how unpredictable weather is. But the best part is knowing to trudge on despite difficulties. Kudos to you and the rest of the group.