Monday, May 28, 2012

ottawa success

I just got back from Ottawa and I'm exhausted - but thought I'd post a couple of pictures of a successful Team Awesome. We came, we ran, we conquered.
my sage advice to Liz - she did not fall down
It was a fun and exhausting weekend. Lots of laughs, lots of friends, and even more sweat. And I'm fairly sure we'll all be back for more next year.
jazz hands
I heard of good races from the Calgary runners as well - so that is great. Hope you all had as fun of a weekend as we did!


Rebecca said...

I think Ottawa Race Weekend is a tradition for lots of people. One of the reasons why it sells out so damn fast!

Next year I get to do the 2K with Max - yay!! said...

Glad you had such a great time. Everybody is all smiles in the pictures!! I like that.

Kirst said...

Way to go Team Awesome!

Marlene said...

Woot! Go Team Awesome! Glad you had a great time in your fancy kicks!