Monday, May 21, 2012

happy to be home

Two weeks in May changes this city. When I left for Toronto, the trees were budding, the grass was green but not really growing, and the tulips were out. The rain was still cold and people were just starting to come out from winter hibernation. Now, it feels like summer. The leaves are all out, green has taken over the city, and everyone smiling.
perfectly blue sky
As you may have guessed by my lack of posting, last week was exhausting. Doing a entire semester of a course in one week is interesting - and doing that two weeks in a row is extra-interesting. But we all made it through and managed to have plenty of laughs along the way.

Now I'm just happy to be home. It has been a pretty perfect long weekend full of sunshine, friends, my favourite Montreal coffee, and a trip to the market to hit up my favourite food stall (which appeared while I was away). I'm very glad I'm ending two tiring weeks with a long weekend.

Updates other than "I'm tired and happy to be home?" Well, I don't have a tonne. I've run twice in my fancy new "not yet available in stores" shoes.
oh Canada
Since I'm not sure that 2 times is enough to tell you what I think of them, I'll wait for a few more runs. I have a 10 km race this weekend (yeah...not sure how that will go) and I'm trying to decide whether I should wear them for that. I guess we'll see!

Happy long weekend and happy May! I'm glad to be back.

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I say wear them! Glad you can get back into your normal routine again.