Friday, May 25, 2012

friday links

Again - good luck to all those racing this weekend! I hope the weather is cool, the rain stays away, and that you feel great out there.

Just for fun today - a few links that have made me laugh this week:

- 35 Animals That Desperately Need Your Help. Oh I could look at those and laugh all day.

- Baby Sloths. Especially the one getting a bath.

- Secret Kitten. You never know where they are hiding.

Yeah - I'm on a bit of an animal kick I guess.

And as a bonus - a picture I took in Toronto that made me wonder what else a bike would be on...

Happy Friday!


Rebecca said...

haha "the goose that had too much to drink".

Those pictures were golden

Anonymous said...

I could comment on every one of those animals that need help photos. SO funny. And I would FREAK out if a squirrel ran up my leg and stole a french fry! Brave squirrel.

Derek Hill said...

Good luck to you as well!