Wednesday, May 23, 2012

another year, another ottawa race weekend

Well, it is the last week of May which around our house means Ottawa Race Weekend. My first race ever was the Ottawa 10 km and that's what I'll be running again this year. It is a really well executed and really well organized weekend of racing. Plus, the fan support in Ottawa is really outstanding. I'm not sure I'm in "race" shape when it comes to a 10 km...but I'll be running as fast as I can come Saturday.

More importantly though, I'll be in full cheer mode! So many people I "know" and I know are running this weekend. It is Rebecca's first 10 km ever (she's running in Ottawa) and as long as the weather cooperates, I know she'll have a great time! Still in Ottawa, but racing on Sunday, the always enthusiastic Suz is running the half and will be trying to beat her brother to the finish line. Best of luck to you too Mark, I hope you have a great run - but sorry, I'll be hoping your sister edges you out.
I'm on team Suz
Also doing the Ottawa half (and running their FIRST half marathons...YAAAAAY) are two of my favourite Island gals, Janelle and Peggy (sorry about the terrible picture ladies - but at least I look weird too). Good luck ladies! I can't wait to cheer you on. Remember to have fun and if all else fails, don't think - just run!
good luck!
Still in Ottawa but running the marathon, we have the even MORE enthusiastic and fellow food lover Liz ready to rock her very first marathon. She's had some great runs (probably the ones where she got to stare at my butt for the majority of the time) and she's had some setbacks, but most importantly, she'll be starting the race  ready to have the experience of a lifetime. Good luck Lizo!
green juice will give you wings
Both Jordan and his dad will be running the marathon as well. I think Randy is shooting for a more enjoyable marathon than last year (he had some bad foot pain at this time last year) and I know his training is on track - so hopefully he'll have a great race. That way he can come visit us and feel even better about attacking another plate of poutine.
poutine with 3 meats...a little scary
Jordan is, of course, hoping for better weather than Boston. He's now been training for 5 months (with a really supported long run on Patriot's day) with the hopes of breaking that marathon PR he set last year in Ottawa. Maybe this will be third time lucky? Hopefully the weather cooperates and he'll get it done!
probably best to beat them both
And two time zones away - Leigh will be lining up to run an awesome Calgary half-marathon. Believe in yourself Leigh - you can definitely put down a great time on Sunday. 

My sister will also be running in Calgary - her first half since Zoey added so much extra joy (and poop) to her life. She's been working hard to get back into running shape and has been leading a training group as well. Good luck Heather! Zoey will be waiting for you at the finish line ready to give you proud snuggles! I wish I could come cheer you on. Next year we need to find something to run together :)
easier to run without the stroller!
Phew - did I miss anybody? Yes! Sean! Good luck to you on Saturday Sean Huge. Make it huuuge and enjoy your first Ottawa Race Weekend! Maybe you'll leave knowing why we always insist on having Ottawa on our race calendars every year.

If I didn't mention you and I know you're racing - I'm very sorry! I think you can maybe understand how hard it is to keep track of people this weekend. I hope everyone has a great race - I can't wait to cheer you on both virtually and right next to you as well.

Edit: I knew I'd forget someone. For some reason I thought my sister in law was siting this one out. But NO! She'll be running the Calgary half as well. Good luck Kirsten! I'm so sorry I forgot you. Enjoy the new route and have a lot of fun!
everything tastes better when you double fist your drinks


Laura said...

Have a fantastic race weekend!!

Leigh said...

So many people racing this weekend, I love it! Thanks...starting to feel nervous about my goal and hopefully I can reach it! Good luck and have fun with your 10K! :)

Heather said...

Thanks! And good luck to you on your race!

Heather said...
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Rebecca said...

Current forecast : we are back to sunny and 28 again...jeez weather network!

Thanks for the good race vibes. Hopefully I will see you there? I will be the one dressed up in bright-ass orange, with about 100 other 'orange people'. But I will also have a cute baby with me too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's going to be a big reunion! And alot of fun!!

Good luck to you both! I know you'll run strong! Was this the 'A' race for Jordan all along, or did he have to re-evaluate after Boston? Either way, good luck to him!

Marlene said...

Have so much fun at race weekend! I hope to get back for NCM one of these days - it's a great time!

Ohhh you are killing me with that poutine. Drooooooool.

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