Monday, April 30, 2012

happiness is bacon (and a PR)

So I'm waiting on some pictures from the race yesterday, but I thought I'd say that I got a shiny new PR and then ate some bacon. The best part? This placemat:
thank you Cora
How's that for a race recap? If that was too short for you, I'll probably write something slightly (but hopefully not too much) longer when I get the pictures. If that was just right, skip the other recap post.

After the bacon celebration, I ended my day with two of my favourite things. They were both delicious.
Citrouille - the last one
Running, bacon, friends, seltzer, and beer. A pretty darn good Sunday.


Laura said...

Congrats! I totally agree..except for the bacon thing. :)

Rebecca said...

Congrats again on the PB! Woot woot

Ahh Pumpkin beer! Do they still have that available in Quebec or is it some of our "reserves" from the fall? We had a serious lack of pumpkin beer in Ottawa this year.

Anonymous said...

Whaaat? I didn't even know you were racing this weekend!

Awesome job on the PR and yes, I would like a little more information in your next post :)

MelissaNibbles said...

Congratulations on the PR! Looking forward to the race pics and recap!

Caroline said...

CORA!!! how I miss that place!!! June cannot come fast enough!!!

congrats on the PR!