Friday, April 13, 2012

boston or bust

Tomorrow morning we're headed to Boston. We had a great time in 2010 (with the exception of a few hours the evening after the marathon when Jordan wasn't feeling well and I ended up on the hunt for chicken soup) so hopefully this year will be just as fun. The weather is looking a little questionable (as in hot), so hopefully the forecast settles down to seasonable temperatures that are great for the runners, even if it means we spectators are a little chilly.

Regardless of the weather, the atmosphere in Boston on marathon weekend is pretty awesome. Last time I remember feeling a buzz and an excitement in the air that I'd never really experienced before. From the expo, to getting to do my long run on part of the marathon course, to watching the runners from my spot on Boylston Street, it was a fun time to be there. Plus it was kind of fun to play "count the celebration jackets" when wandering around the day after the race. Since this year's jackets aren't nearly as ugly as 2010's, maybe we'll see even more.

Good luck to all of you internet peeps out there who are running on Monday! (are you dying of excitement yet Marlene?) May the wind and the weather be with you - and may the odds be ever in your favour? (is that right? I just saw the movie, I haven't read the books) Most of all though - good luck Jordan!

And if it is extra hot - be smart as hard as it is to slow down, there's always another race.


Caroline said...

Hi there! first time visiting your blog!!! wishing you all the best in Boston!!! ALL fun!!! :) safe travels!

Kirst said...

Go Bro Go!
We'll be cheering you on. Kristen can you send us the link so we can follow him?

Marlene said...

Yayyyy GO JORDAN GO! Hope the weather tones it down for us but either way, let's have some Boston FUN!

And the answer is YES I am dying of excitement. I can't handle it!!

MelissaNibbles said...

Don't forget to ask for pickles on your pizza!

Rebecca said...

Good luck Jordan!

My co-worker is running it too!