Thursday, March 29, 2012

weird food?

I was reading something recently where people were confessing their weird food combination loves. Things they used to (or still do) eat together that they think are delicious (and potentially didn't know were weird until someone pointed it out to them). It reminded me of a segment on a morning show I once watched where the host confessed to eating crackers with peanut butter and jalapeƱo peppers. It also got me thinking about my weird food "habits." I can think of a few things that I eat that may not be considered normal to everyone.

  • For the longest time, if I was going to eat a grilled cheese sandwich, it needed to have either apple or crabapple jelly on it. Cheese and jelly - actually a great combination. Now I don't need the jelly, but I will almost always put either salsa or Frank's Red Hot on my grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Even though I normally hated my food to touch, whenever we had pork chops and apple sauce, once I was done my meat, I would mix my corn and rice (which is what we usually had with pork chops) in with the rest of my, now slightly salty, apple sauce and eat it all together.
  • I put yogurt on my pancakes, then top with maple syrup. And I don't mean "pancake syrup." Only the pure stuff will do. (obviously the syrup thing isn't weird...)
  • My favourite way to top a salad is with salsa and hummus instead of salad dressing.
  • Instead of a sandwich, I sometimes used to bring sliced turkey meat wrapped around a pickle for my school lunches.
And something else that might not be normal about my eating? I don't like ketchup. If it is already on a burger and is all mixed in with the mustard, pickle, and other flavours, I don't mind it, but the thought of putting ketchup on anything (like fries, or eggs, or macaroni and cheese, or whatever else people put ketchup on) actually grosses me out a bit.

Any weird combinations for you? Do certain "normal" foods gross you out?


Ali Mc said...

this is so crazy. I love pancakes and pure amazing Canadian syrup.

That's cool that you were inspired by Dooce, she was huge when I starting blogging back in 2008 - I stopped and then came back with a new blog last august.

I don't read her anymore but I remember liking her writing style.

I love bacon and jam in a toasted sandwich! YUM

Laura said...

Salsa and hummus over salad is a fav of mine.
I like brown rice with soy sauce...and peanut butter. Takes great to me..the hubs thinks I am get weirder

Heather said...

I like rice with bbq sauce, also grilled cheese with crabapple jelly, cold cuts and mustard, but DO NOT like pancakes and yogurt.

janelle c. said...

i get odd looks when i put pepper on my popcorn & add a dish of ketchup to dip the popcorn into. I love it.

i love toast with butter & mustard on it. again, been told this is weird.

Bacon & peanut butter sammiches are also a fave, but i don't think that is weird.

i also have an obsession with becel cooking/topping spray (or whatever brand is available). i put it on everything - eggs, popcorn, rolls.

kristen said...

Ali - in our house, a bacon and marmalade sandwich was always called a "Jolly Bite"...apparently my grandfather loved them.

Laura - I could see the soy and peanut butter having a bit of a Thai taste to it maybe?

Heather - just think of it as cold, unsweetened whipped cream. ok, whipped cream is better.

Janelle - my dad puts that spray on absolutely everything too. And waaaaay too much of it on popcorn.

Marlene said...

LOVE ketchup. We go through that stuff so fast in my house. Some people think it's weird that I put it on eggs.

I prefer cheesies when stale. Love rolling up a pickle in deli meat with mustard. OJ should have pulp. Can't do butter on bread or sandwich unless toasted (i.e. melted). Hate mayo. Won't eat seafood except certain fish straight from the lake (literally, as in camping). Not a fan of raw pineapple but love it on pizza.

That's all I've got off the top of my head. :)

RoseRunner said...

I grew up with my mom dipping big green grapes into ricotta cheese. It seems so right to me.

MelissaNibbles said...

I think I may have been reading that same thread. My weird things are pickles and bacon on pizza, butter on saltines, and plain tuna out of a can.

Those are the ones I'll admit to publicly.