Friday, March 23, 2012

the smells of spring

Here's the thing - even though spring is a great time of year with warmer temperatures, flowers, and green things growing -  it definitely has a down side: IT STINKS. The smell of spring is not the smell of roses or laundry or all things is the smell of rotten vegetation, garbage, and all sorts of nastiness.
the flowers don't stink, but everything else does
Last night while running, the first smell was garbage. Sure, the garbage was neatly and tightly bound into cubes that were waiting to be picked up and shipped off, but and entire LOT of garbage smells like garbage. And it is disgusting. 

Worse though? Poop. Yes. Poop. The overwhelming smell of poop filled the air. At first I thought it might be the train. Maybe the animals in the passing train were that stinky? But we passed the smell and the train was still there, so it wasn't that. Then on the way back (dreading the poop smell), we realized that the piles and piles of dirt we could see were not in fact dirt, but poo. Stinky, stinky, poopy fertilizer ready to be hauled away in trucks and sprinkled on flower beds around the city. We were happy to head back into the smell of garbage.

The third stench of spring? Skunk. I woke up this morning to the smell of skunk wafting through my open windows. Shouldn't complain too much about having windows open in March, but I wasn't too happy to wake up to that smell. Because that one lingers...lingers in your nostrils for hours. 

I'm sure we'll have another snowfall before spring is truly here - but happy stinky spring everyone!


Marlene said...

Spring stinks! hehehe

Anonymous said... this is not the place to visit in the spring. Noted.