Tuesday, March 20, 2012

seen on the run

One of the benefits of running that you don't often think about is that it is fantastic people watching. As the kilometres or miles tick by, I see people in all sorts of settings and situations. Here are some of my favourites from the last two long runs:

  • A guy out for a run (and I know he was actually out for a run and not just running for the bus or running somewhere because he was late because he was carrying a running water bottle) in his jeans and metal band t-shirt. I was really disappointed that I didn't have a camera so that I could send it in to Jogging Jeans.
  • A guy running in khaki pants, a t-shirt, and a half-zip stripy sweater.
  • A group of people having a cookout (two portable grills were involved) in the park complete with wine, beer, and a dog in a sweater.
  • A couple doing a wine tasting on a random picnic table (complete with stemware).
  • Not exactly a favourite - but I ran through a cloud of pot smoke because a lady was smoking it during her walk along the path and decided to turn and blow out smoke just as I was running by.
  • A lady sitting on an abandoned couch on the side of the road.
And although this has nothing to do with running - a picture of the best office mate I've had all year:
Just playing with her giraffe 
Again, nothing to do with running, but it does have something to do with why I've been a bad blogger. I had visitors last week and this weekend and wanted to spend time with them instead of my computer. I figured that means I have my priorities straight :)

Have you seen any interesting people on the run recently?


Laura said...

Ok I am glad I am not the only one who sees stuff like this. When I leave work, there is a guy I see all the time out running...and he looks like he just decides to get up from his desk and go out for a run...usually in khakis, sweater etc.
At least he is running and at least he had running shoes on. I just hope he doesn't have meetings post run.

Cotter Crunch said...

i totally do that. Thats why running in a new place is the best.
Cutie pie picture!

Leigh said...

Haha that is too funny! I'm trying to think of some good stuff that I've seen on a run and am failing. Hope you had a great visit with your sister, mom and baby Z!

Rebecca said...

I don't really see much when running other than other people running normally and my students....and birds/squirrels!

People do make comments about the chariot stroller though. Some keeping peering inside and I want to yell "yes, there is a baby in there!".

Marlene said...

Sounds like straight priorities to me! What a cute lil munchkin.

You really do see the most "interesting" characters on long runs!

ko0ty said...

Love this post.. it's so random!

"A group of people having a cookout (two portable grills were involved) in the park complete with wine, beer, and a dog in a sweater." -- This gets me excited for summer! Can't wait for beaching and BBQ'ing.

JoggingJeans said...

Thanks for thinking of me when you see people out in jeans!! :)