Thursday, February 02, 2012

winter running tips- shoes

Last night was pretty warm for February 1st. I was very comfortable running in a long sleeved Nike running hoodie (the one I'm wearing in this post) on top of a short sleeved shirt and my regular running pants. I probably could have run in capri pants (I saw a guy in shorts- which I thought was a little optimistic) but the streets and sidewalks were so sloppy with slush and snow that all the splashing would have been quite unpleasant on my lower legs.

Which brings me to my point: shoes. Winter running is an interesting beast. Forgetting the layers and layers of clothing that can be involved, I find that the hardest thing about it is the footing and dealing with the ice and snow. Yesterday, the streets and sidewalks of Montreal were pretty much covered in slush. The melting snow wasn't draining properly because the drains were still partially frozen, so there were slush puddles at every intersection and anywhere where water could collect was full of a cold, dirty puddle of cold nastiness.

As I was running along and had to doge people, dogs, cars, and ice, more often than, not dodging those things meant stepping straight into one of those nasty puddles. Every time this happened, I prepared myself for the blast of icy water on my feet. And every time, my feet stayed dry. This lead me to say, out loud, "I love my gore-tex shoes!"
gore-tex makes me happy
I think that trail shoes might be the best thing that ever happened to my winter running. They're grippier, they're warmer (due to a little less mesh), and most importantly- they're much more weather-proof than a regular running shoe.

I have the Adidas Kanadia (I think I have the 3 and now they're on the 4) and while I do find that they're kind of heavy, they definitely do their job in tough weather. Unlike a regular running shoe, the tongue of this shoe is "gusseted" or attached to the sides so that nothing gets in your shoe from the top. They are also super grippy- the soles almost look like a cross between a suction cup and a cleat.

Thumbs up to trail shoes for winter running.

What do you find works for winter running? Do you switch up your shoes?


Marlene said...

I hate that rush of cold water and the subsequent cold squishing! I think I may need to try something like this. So far, I just wear my usual kicks.

janelle said...

xmas of 2010 i got an awesome pair of nike trail shoes (don't know the name off hand). they have been fantastic for winter running. Only time i ever feel 'wet feet' is when i stupidly jump into a foot deep puddle! (i do that too often). paired up with my smart wool socks, i stay pretty dry!

Stephanie @ Athlete at Heart said...

I have bad ankles and it took me a long time to find shoes I could run comfortably in. I'm curious about other shoes (including trail shoes!) but I'm too afraid to try them for fear of injury :-/

Lulu said...

Awesome! I need some waterproof shoes.... winter running in Ottawa - as you know - is also full of slush!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

My hubby swears by his gor-tex trail running shoes in the winter also! Next year I will probably invest in a pair since I have had my fair share of wet feet during winter runs.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I find that my trail shoes don't have enough "give" to work well on the roads and I don't like running on the roads in them. Usually I just wear my regular running shoes and watch my footing or I wear these grip things I got at Costco if there is fresh snow or ice!

I should look into getting a pair of these gor-tex trail shoes though and maybe that would help!

kristen said...

Amber- i find that the snow kind of makes up for the harder shoe. And since I often run in an orthotic- I don't feel the difference as much. But I wouldn't want to wear them all year. I think I'd definitely feel the "hardness".

Steph- I don't blame you at all for not wanting to switch it up if you've had injury problems and have found something that works for you. I wouldn't want to risk a change either!

Linda- Ottawa has terrible, terrible drainage. That is all :)

Janelle- I think I tried a Nike trail shoe way back in the day but didn't' love the fit. Glad they work for you.

Marlene- I enjoy that a lot of the everyday running shoes have a trail equivalent now. So that you can still get a proper shoe for your foot but in a trail shoe :) Yay for running companies having a shoe for every occasion.

Cotter Crunch said...

ahh thank you for this! i can never find a good train running shoe. although i do like my kswiss, its good to know whats out there. ya know?