Wednesday, February 01, 2012

so about that half-marathon

Around November of last year, I thought "I'm not going to run a half marathon next year. I'm going to focus on the 10K distance and see what I can do." I was tired of some of the longer runs and I think I needed a little time where I was not thinking about running. So in December I took a few steps back from running. I did it now and again, but I didn't run a lot and I was pretty happy doing that. I needed the break.

Then at the beginning of January as I was trying to get back into the swing of things, I found it hard to stay motivated to run. It is cold out and snowy out and I needed a training goal to get my butt out the door. Since I am very motivated by training for a race, my favourite running enabler threw a few race suggestions my way, and guess what? There really aren't all that many 10Ks around here in the early spring to help with that motivation. So what did I do instead? Signed up for a half marathon.
I'm a sucker for punishment?
In theory, it should be a great time of year for a half marathon. The end of April should be practically perfect with respect to temperature (though a blizzard could roll in or it could be strangely hot...but in theory it should be good) and the course seems like a good one. So again, in theory, this race has a lot of potential.

My biggest trepidation? I'm not sure if I am in the headspace to train really hard for a half marathon. It takes a lot of mental effort to push myself out of my comfort zone repeatedly. I thought of not signing up because of that but then decided two things. Firstly- it is ok to train without a PR in mind if the goal is to stay motivated to run. That can be the goal. Secondly- I might feel like I'm in a different headspace next month. And if I'm running reasonably well at that point- a PR attempt wouldn't be out of the question.
Step 1: New shoes. And on sale too.
So I guess I'm running a half at the end of April! Should be fun. Do you need a race to look forward to in order to stay motivated when the weather is crappy?

*Just a note about the blog makeover. Turns out, the comment thing didn't work out and I had to switch back. Which made me angry with blogger- so guess what? I'll be switching to wordpress (for more reasons than the commenting issue). I've got my domain name, I've done some post transfer, but I'm not done yet. So I'm staying here until I'm done fiddling around- but stay tuned for the switch to


Laura said...

I do kind of need a race to have as a goal BUT it is good to look at what you want out of that race.
Enjoy it
Pace someone else
Have fun.
In the end...they are all great goals.

Stephanie said...

I pretty much always need a race to push me, bad weather or not!

Good luck with the half marathon. They are tough to train for but they're fun!

Kris | said...

Girl, I love your go gettem attitude!!! Running a half marathon sounds scary!!

My boyfriend is a hard core runner and running like crazy to get ready for his races coming up but the bad weather is hard.....

I see my cardio activities slow right down now too, so I need to step it up and get moving more!!

How are these shoes??


Anonymous said...

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Marlene said...

I definitely need a race (or several..) on the calendar for motivation. I think I have been training for SOMETHING non-stop since I started running.

I ran the 21k de Montreal in '09. We had a super rainy day, but I loved it.

Anonymous said...

The weather has never been a factor in my motivation. It's more of a nuisance sometimes but if you live here you just deal with it. You can always tell when someone is new in town becuase if you have a run scheduled they'll likely call or text you the day before and ask, "are we still going to run if it's raining?" haha.

I love racing though! Just not sure if it's the actual race or the deadline that motivates. Maybe a little of both.

Excited for your half. I'll bet your motivation gets fired up soon!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yes, I need a race to stay motivated! If not, there is no way I am getting out of bed early on the weekends to run!

A lot of people seem to be making the switch to wordpress. I hate blogger but I am afraid of the unknown!! You have to let us know how you like it!

Leslie said...

Heck, yeah - a girl needs some race motivation to get her through winter in the Canadian Rockies. I always pick myself a spring 50k to keep me in the groove, but never been motivated by time goals. For me, it's all about getting away from winter for a weekend, seeing amazing new places, having fun on the trails, meeting new people and getting my butt to the finish line. :) See? Us Ultra-folk are the same, yet *slightly* different.;)