Friday, February 10, 2012

happy birthday

Today is my husband's birthday. When he woke up this morning he decided that birthdays should be like Christmas - with stockings filled with presents and big meals. Sorry dude- that's reserved for another guy's birthday.
But I did promise him I think that makes up for the lack of holiday-esque celebrations. Or at least it will at least make him forget about it temporarily.

Thanks for believing in me, being my biggest cheerleader, and dealing with my crankiness when things go wrong (or when I just think things go having to fill up the car with gas).
I hope this year brings speedy marathons (hopefully a great one in Boston), good times, and lots of laughing.
And beer too. You gotta have beer. Who knows- maybe there will also be another excuse to play soccer in your suit. Whatever the year brings - I'm glad I get to be with you through it all. 

Happy Birthday Jordan! And sorry that the number one hit the day you were born was by Captain and Tennille. (well, that was the US number one the UK it was by Kenny Rogers...I couldn't find the Canadian number one. I'm putting my money on Tom Cochrane or Anne Murray)


Marlene said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristen's husband! The soccer ball/beer/suit picture is awesome!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Hope you are going to spoil him :)

Jordan said...

Thanks for the post. I think I should just always wear a suit while holding a beer so that whatever hijinks I get into will be just that much more awesome. You should do the same with a ball gown and a cocktail.

Heather said...

Happy birthday! There are too many funny pictures of Jordan to choose from! Veil, the multiple drink double fistings... Good times.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan!!

Go drink some beer! yeah!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i like that idea too that birthdays should be like christmas stockings and everything!! happy birthday to your man, hope he has a great birthday

Laura said...

Happy Husband Bday!