Monday, February 06, 2012

afternoon run for the border

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend around these parts. The skies were cloudless and blue and the sun was so bright it almost made me forget that we still have a good 2 months of cold temperatures ahead. What did we decide to do on a beautiful winter afternoon? We made a run for the border and spent the afternoon in Burlington, Vermont.

It was a beautiful day for a drive and a beautiful day to wander in the sunshine. There was some sort of winter festival going on, so it was pretty busy, but that just made things feel more festive. We enjoyed the sun, checked out the shops, had some good coffee, and I ate the best burger I've ever had. (And I'm serious. So if you're ever in Burlington, head to The Farmhouse and have a burger. The juiciest tastiest burger you'll ever have) And since Vermont is the home to Ben and Jerry's, we of course had to pick up some ice cream to bring home:
You're gonna love my Schweddy Balls
If I'm honest, part of the reason I wanted to go to Vermont was to pick up some seltzer. I know it sounds weird- but I love a good seltzer and there's a brand sold in New England that is delicious. Polar Seltzer is a staple for my family in Vermont so they've spread their Polar love to the point where every time I am down there, I feel the need to load up. Bubbles? Natural flavour? No sugar? A perfect drink.
How long will the polar seltzer last?
No, we did not go just for the seltzer. We went for the fun of wandering around in a different place and checking out things that we don't have at home. But the seltzer is definitely delicious. We also managed to get some Chobani, Cabot cheese, Justin's almond AND peanut butters (although I could only find the single servings and not the actual jars of it), some Z-bars, and some random salad dressing that looked good but that we can't get at home. Is it weird that I love grocery shopping when I'm not at home? I feel like a kid in a candy store looking at all the options that I don't have at home.

A fun afternoon!

Are you someone who likes to check out grocery stores in new places?


Leigh said...

Being close to the states is what I miss about Ontario...well and my family too. It's so far from here that it would be a weekend trip

Faye said...

I love that seltzer. I would make a trip just to the states for the day if it was available in the western states...but it's NOT. Darn!!
I love checking out new grocery stores, especially in the states. So much different stuff...I go a bit wild especially with the sweets & other junk food.

Marlene said...

Sounds like a fun trip and yay for stocking up on some goodies that we don't have here. I always grab Z Bars in the states.