Monday, January 02, 2012

yoga on vacation

Before I left for my Christmas vacation, my body was sore from sitting in front of the computer far too much. Between writing papers and working, my desk and I were not getting along. I wasn't stretching enough, I wasn't moving enough, I was spending way too much time sitting and staring at screens. My legs hurt, my back hurt, my neck hurt...I was in a world of hurt.  While I knew that a massage would probably help, I decided that instead of laying on the table and having someone work on my aches and pains, I'd work through them on my own...on my mat.

And it was glorious. My muscles loved the combination of stretching and working and my mind loved the quiet calm of several yoga classes after a busy fall and during the chaos of the Christmas season. While I would have loved to have gone every day of my vacation (or even every second day), I made it as often as I could and truly enjoyed every second of it. The combination os a good sweat and a good stretch leaves me feeling refreshed every time.

A travel top tip- if you like hot yoga, check for Moksha yoga in the city you're travelling to. They usually have an introductory unlimited week or month pass for new students to each location or studio. It can be a great deal if you're planning on taking more than one class during trip. I'm guessing there are other yoga studios that do the same thing- so look it up!

And for a little peek into what else was great about being on vacation:
all pants should be soft
Happy New Year! I hope you all started 2012 off with something fun.
If you had time off, what did you do relax during your vacation?


healthy ashley said...

Glad you were able to relax and stretch out with yoga! I like to be active on vacation to a point, but it's also the one time that I'll just sit and do nothing. Happy 2012!

Derek said...

I got back on my bike. It had been way to long and I've ridden twice now and have remembered why I love it so!

Rebecca said...

I haven't worn anything but "soft pants" since Max was born, haha! But mostly because of comfort issues, not just because I can :)

Michelle said...

I just packed my bag for the gym/hot yoga tomorrow. I was a total sloth over the vacation but I'm excited to step foot in my gym after far too long. Please send me emails tomorrow checking on my water intake. I'm also a little scared. Haven't been to yoga in 8 months. Yikes!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I have a whole post going up tomorrow on how amazing yoga was for me MENTALLY this year but I didn't really address the physical. 2011 was the first year since I started running in 2009 where I had zero running-related injuries. Considering I ran close to the same mileage I did for 2010 I credit that hugely to my regular yoga practice.

And I didn't know you practiced Moksha! Moksha is my favourite!

Marlene said...

Glad you were able to stretch things out and get in some light workouts on vacation. YAY for soft pants! I miss mine. :(

Yoga Vacations said...

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