Wednesday, January 11, 2012

runner's high

According to WikiHow (and they know everything right?) a runner's high is:
a term given to the feeling of euphoria that is induced by distance running. You don't have to be a world class athlete, or even a distance runner per se to experience this elevated state of mind. (source)
While I believe the runner's high exists, despite ending up grinning ear to ear post race, I'm not sure I've ever experienced one (perhaps I'm not following the steps in the wikihow article?).
blondie to my left is the definition of a runner's high.
I've been high on sugar, high on life, perhaps high on something else...but not high on running. That lack of runner's high may have ended yesterday. I can't be sure, because it could have been other things- but I'll put this out for your consideration:

It was January 10th and I was wearing capri pants on a run- definitely a reason to smile. It was January 10th and it was 2 degrees Celsius- a reason to jump up and down. It was January 10th and I had to take my gloves off part way through the run- just TRY to wipe the smile off my face! It was January 10th, the sun was shining, and I was running on my lunch break, and it was glorious. Not even a flash "granular snow" storm lasting about 5 minutes could dampen my spirits. It was warm, it was sunny, and I was - dare I say - euphoric.

So euphoric, in fact, that it is possible that the euphoria hasn't worn off because I'm willing to post this terrible picture I took of myself and sent to two friends with a message saying "Beautiful afternoon to get a run in! Do it if you get the chance!"
Go for a run!
So whether it was the sun (oh beautiful sun), the unseasonal temperatures, or the running- I was definitely high on life by mile 3 and decided to take the long way home in order to add a little extra to my planned 4. Plus, I managed to keep the pace to a sub 9-minute mile overall for the run. Not something I've been doing a lot lately! Definitely a great run.

So- what do you think- was I high on life or was that a runner's high? If you're a runner- do you get the high?


Laura said...

I think its a combo of both.
I've had that runners 'high'..last Thursday I had a fantastic run and was totally pumped from it - it was totally the run as the rest of the day was just 'meh'.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I can't believe you've never experienced this before! I had my first one after about 3 months of running. I was hooked after that. Doesn't it sound like we're talking about orgasms?!

Marlene said...

No longer a runner's high virgin!

This weather rocks. Can it stay forever?

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I almost ALWAYS feel awesome after a run but the amazing, euphoric feeling is more dependent on the weather. Lately all my runs are in the pitch black so nothing that exciting to get a "high" about ;)