Friday, January 06, 2012

photo on a friday- vacation at its finest

Two iPhone photos of two of the many things that made me smile over the Christmas vacation:
Wild Rose Brown- a great Alberta beer
Colouring with my niece. Who knew the Smurfs (or  les Schtroumpfs as I find it fun to call them) were back in?
One of these days I'll get my actual camera photos loaded onto the computer (and send the pictures to my sister that she's been asking for...).

What are two things that made you smile recently? And did you know that the Smurfs were back?


Marlene said...

Advil Cold and Sinus is about the only thing that makes me sort of smile right now.

LOVED colouring and doing sticker books with my nieces over the holidays though. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Rainbow Bright to make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Can I be cheesy and say a visit from you made me smile over the holidays? Thanks for stopping by and hanging around until I could take a break. It was nice to see you!