Thursday, January 12, 2012

i'm a running enabler and you can be one too

I like to think of myself as a bit of an enabler when it comes to running. I firmly believe that if I can do it, so can almost anyone (as long as you want to do it). If someone wonders aloud if he or she can run a 5K or 10K, I like to say "YES! of COURSE you can! and let me know what I can do to help make it happen!"

So with that spirit, you can imagine what my response was to this tweet:

and to this one

(for the record it was "do it!" for the first and "do it do it do it" for the second)

So do me a favour and go enable them as well. You can find Michelle here and Heather over here.  Go encourage them!

Selfishly though? Part of me wants Heather not to do Calgary (oh- I suppose you need to read her post to understand that comment- she's thinking of running the Calgary marathon in May as a "warm-up" for the NYC marathon in November), for me to win the NYC marathon lottery this year, and for us to both do the NYCM as our first marathon...together. Our first race EVER was together
first race: 10K
and the first time either of us ran a half marathon was together.
Covered Bridges Half success- we finished on our own two feet
I think it would be pretty awesome if we ran our first marathon together. But since that would rely on a LOT of luck, you need to go over to her post and encourage her to run. I think running the New York City Marathon would be awesome- I can't wait to go watch her do it!

Do you have a race on your bucket list? What race do you think would be as much fun to watch as to run?


Leigh said...

Encouragement is good...sometimes help people realize that they can in fact do it! There is a new route for the Calgary marathon & half more big hill to climb!

Rebecca said...

We try to get students at our school to run the Ottawa 5K and 10K during race weekend. Last year we had over a hundred students run (which is about a 1/6 of our student population, not bad!). This year we are hoping for more.

NYC is totally on my bucket list. Along with the Disney one. I guess I could put Boston on there as well, but I'm not sure I will ever get to that level.

I've signed up for a 5K on Mother's Day (the race is conviently located literally in my backyard), but going back and forth on the 5K or 10K for Ottawa Race Weekend. Max is going to 'stroll' the 5K with his Dad who is super excited to use the chariot even though he doesn't like to run all that much.

Are you going to run a race in Ottawa Race Weekend this year? The routes have changed/

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I think it would be AWESOME if you guys did NYC together because of your other first races together! I hope you get in!

Heather said...

Do you find out if you get in to NYC before I have to sign up? It would be fun to run our first marathon together!