Tuesday, January 24, 2012

green onions, green thumb?

I am known for having a big to a black thumb. As in, everything I try to grow dies. I've tried to keep plants alive but have generally been unsuccessful. I don't know if I've never had apartments that lent themselves to plant growth or if maybe I'm just bad luck (I have to say that I'm leaning toward "user error" and that I just suck)...but if plants could run away, they would run away to me.

I can't remember where I saw it, but at some point in the last month I saw someone post that he or she was growing green onions. All you had to do was stick the "white end" into water and POOF, new green onions. I figured that this was a great low-cost experiment with plant growing and decided to give it a shot. I saved my onion butts, put them into water, found a sunny spot, and waited for the magic to happen.
indoor green house
And happen it did. The first picture was a few days into the first onions and that second one is from yesterday. The tallest of the onions has even been harvested once already. It has been kind of exciting to watch them grow and they have me wondering if maybe there is hope for me after all. Maybe I just needed to take a little interest in plant growing.

I have some clippings of some other plants that  friend gave me that I've managed not to kill so far...I'll be transferring them into an actual pot with dirt soon, so hopefully they will survive the trauma of moving day and I'll have real plants that I've "grown myself' soon. Wish those little plants luck!

How about you- are your thumbs black or green?


Marlene said...

Black thumb here! I want to try this!! I don't use green onions much so I always end up throwing away some of the bunch. This would be perfect for me.

Anonymous said...

That's great! I never seem to use all my green onions in the bunch so I'll definitely be employing this method to make them last longer.

I do love my garden\landscaping. Nothing like eating fresh fruits and veggies right out your own land.

lu said...

i have this feeling that i have a gardener inside me that is just waiting for the right opportunity and circumstances (and growing season, likely) to get out. i have grown some house plants before and manage to do ok, but i really would love to have a garden of edible plants one day!