Monday, January 30, 2012

better with bacon?

Yesterday, our post long run lunch involved BLTs. Delicious. I did a short long run (decided it was time to take a recovery week after several weeks of building some mileage) but Jordan did 20 miles. While that isn't where he "tops out" for mileage, it is still a long run which usually means he's eating all day.

We had errands to run (including finding some new running shoes and the perfect cast iron skillet for fried chicken) and the following conversation happened as we were getting ready to go:
Jordan: You know what the best part of this afternoon will be? 
Me: No, what? 
Jordan: Eating the bag of bacon. 
Me: I really need a "Shit my husband says" twitter account.
Hard to believe we had leftover bacon, I know, but it was definitely gone by the end of the afternoon.


Laura said...

Totally a hubs thing. We had brunch yesterday and mine had extra bacon as well..and told me at least 3 times about how good it was.
(Love the new look!)

Anonymous said...

I do love a 20 mile calorie burner! My husband doesn't run long distances like that but if he did I doubt we would be able to keep up with the food supply!

Fried chicken, I've never attempted. The clean up scares me. But it sounds awesome!

Rebecca said...

Haha, yesterday I could have written quite a few 'S*** my husband says' quotes as for almost the entire day I had to explain how Mail and Contacts worked on the iPhone and how he couldn't do what he wanted to do. Funny thing is he is a robotics teacher and I kept saying "aren't you supposed to be good with computers?"

I haven't made fried chicken in years....sooo good though

Marlene said...

HA! Love it.

I was an eating machine after 30K yesterday. Good thing I wasn't going 'What I Ate Sunday' because that would have been embarrassing. Sadly, no bacon was involved.

Evey said...

LMAO! Good stuff that bacon!