Wednesday, December 14, 2011

scenes from the week- christmas trees and meat, together at last

So life is no great. I handed in my paper (YAAAAAAAAY) and just have to do some thesis reading and emailing and chatting. But nothing to hand in for grades until well after Christmas - so life feels much better now. My brain? Fried. I commented to my boss on Monday that it was just Monday and I already had 'Friday brain.' I was genuinely having trouble speaking in full sentences and my brain was so tired I was actually starting to feel dizzy. It was pretty nuts. But now the paper is handed in (with the thought " is good enough") celebratory beers have been had, and I can follow the steps in my "cheer guide" to start getting excited about Christmas.

And since my brain is still mushy, I'll share a couple of pictures instead of trying to sound intelligent :)

First up- we bought a small tree this year but didn't have a tree stand. The other day, Jordan came home with this:
best. stand. ever.
I have no idea what it originally sold for in...what the 1950s? But the actual retail price: $5! Perfect. Especially because our tree was $25.

I took a lunchtime walk to the market yesterday. It was great to get outside and get moving at lunch and the market at Christmas time is just so joyful. Outside it smells like Christmas trees and winter. Inside, it smells like Christmas dinner. But one of the best parts of going in the middle of a week day was seeing this:
I know it sounds weird, but I actually found watching the guys load the giant sides of meat from the truck to the cart. And to see it actually look like part of an animal. Some find it gross, I find it cool. And I kind of wanted to steal the cheese truck next to it.

Happy Wednesday- hope you can make it a Wine Wednesday!

If you're a meat eater- if you could only have one kind of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be? (I'd pick pork...with the hope that somehow fish didn't count)


runforwinedotnet said...

Filet Mignon. No question.

And congratulations of getting a well deserved break!!!

I remember having almost that identical tree stand when I was a kid. So funny.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I am not a big meat eater, so going vegetarian wouldn't be too hard for me. If I had to pick one, I would say beef (ground beef specifically).

Kelsey said...

Congrats on handing that paper in! I think you should have Wine Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ;)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

If I could only pick one meat, it would have to be chicken. Boring? Maybe. But it's what I eat the most!

Marlene said...

I would have to go with chicken... boring, I know.

Congrats on handing in your paper!!!

lu said...

i think knowing what your food looked like before it got to your table and how it got there is important, so being fascinating with a side of beef is totally normal.

i would pick roast beef that my mom makes because it is a comfort food and i likely couldn't say no to it if it was put in front of me. but it would be a toss up between that and cheeseburgers...

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your meat selection. And with pork do I get the meat in its many cuts and forms? Because with tenderlon, chops, back ribs and BACON! it IS rather versatile. But then if fish counted I'd have to say tuna over pork. I could never give up tuna sashimi.


kristen said...

Oh yes- Nose (or snout or beak) to tail! So I guess I should have said to pick an animal ;-)

Cotter Crunch said...

oh wow, thats a weird scence. I'd pick lamb (from new zealand) or venison. Ya, both are good.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Cotter Crunch said...

i mean happy wine THURSDAY now. ha