Tuesday, December 20, 2011

scene from a semi long run

I'm not on a training plan. I don't know what my exact race plans for 2012 are. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to focus on. But I am still running. Even as the weather is getting colder, I'm putting on the shoes and getting some miles* in. Sometimes it is for a quick "reset" run between the end of my work day and the start of my evening, while other times it is a nice long-ish run in the sun followed by coffee...with some great friends.

This Sunday, none of us had any big plans for the day so after deciding to meet a little later to the morning, it was off for an "Old Port" run in the sun. It was nice to get out there and enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning. And shockingly, it was December 18th and the first time I had run in long pants- it has definitely been a mild winter!

photo break in the old port
I'll figure out what the race plans are soon enough. But until then, I'm enjoying running for fun!

How has winter started for you- mild or terrible?

*I recently read a bit of a rant by a Canadian saying that posting in miles is selling out and trying to appeal too much to the American reader. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the blog that was being ranted about, I was on this blogger's side- I actually run in miles. Yes, I'm Canadian, but I run in miles. It is just how I think about running. Partially because training plans are often written in miles and it is easier that way, but the other part is that when I started, I didn't know how far a mile was- so running a mile seemed far more abstract than running 1.6 km. So there you have it- I'm a mile runner.


Laura said...

I'm a metric kid but can still think Imperial.
How Canadian is that??? Appealing to all!

Marlene said...

I always run in KMs but sometimes I'll use miles on the blog since I know the majority of readers are American. I'll also say things like 'get a few miles in' b/c it just sounds better. :)

Leigh said...

I am definitely a km runner...started training that way and haven't been able to convert to miles. Plus math isn't my strong suit ;)

I am interested to see what blog it was that said that about Canadian bloggers and miles...

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Well I would say I am jealous that you haven't had to run in long tights until the other day but it's not like I am out there running in the cold!

I run in KMs. Except my treadmill is in miles and it drives me nuts!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm a mile runner too because I got my first training plan online and it was in miles. I also read almost all American running blogs then so was just used to talking in miles. I use km when it comes to driving or anything else but I run in miles and really prefer that. I am REALLY good at converting from one to the other now though ;)

Kelsey said...

The winter has been my first mild one in Canada though the average Vancouverite would disagree (that's because they haven't suffered through a real Canadian winter yet). But it is great for running and since I am new to serious running mild weather rules! (Also I work km, I just cannot get my head around miles)