Wednesday, December 07, 2011

five things about me part two

Remember part 1? Well here are five more things about me:

1- When I first started running, I ran alone. I loved the alone time and I couldn't imagine running being anything other than "me time." True, at the time I didn't know anyone who I could run with, but I also didn't feel like I had a reason to run with others. Now that I run with others regularly, I can't imagine going an entire training cycle of long runs and speed work all by my lonesome. Sure, I love a good solo-run to work through my issues...but most runs are much more fun with friends.
high five!
2- I love christmas oranges. Love them.

3- If I have the choice between french toast, waffles, or pancakes, I'll choose pancakes every time. The exception might be this though:
full of buttery goodness
4- I don't believe in astrology or fortune telling or anything like that. But my zodiac sign is Cancer...and I'm really quite "crab-like."

5- Even though it meant spending Christmas away from our families, one of my favourite Christmases was the year we flew to San Francisco on Christmas day. Random fact- the customs agent did not say a WORD to me as I went through customs. Not a word. I don't think he was happy to be working.
christmas morning at the airport (with an orange)
Again- tell me something about yourself.


Laura said...

Something about me... I daydream - a lot. Good thing I have so much time on my really slow long runs to dream away...

Rebecca said...

haha in the Fall, I never run alone....always with a group of 20 students who are pretty darn fast ;-) No wonder my Army Run 5K was my PB last year. Although this year I had to bike instead boo, and I wish SportsStat had a 'pregnancy' results page.

Something about myself: I love airports and traveling via plane. I usually show up stupidly early for a flight just because I like to grab a coffee or beer and watch people go by.

Leigh said...

I am a big solo runner because I don't know many ppl near me to run with. That and I always feel like I am going to slow them down!

Michelle said...

I also love airports. I have no idea why. I find it interesting watching all the people and trying to figure out where they're going and what they're going to do there.

Something else about me - I'm starting to panic over my first Christmas away from home. It's as much about missing my family and tradition as it is about not having ANY idea what to do with myself for 10 days when almost everyone I know will be out of town.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I also love running with people now! I still run 1-2 times a week by myself and then 1-2 times a week with people. I am testing out a new group at the Running Room tonight to see if it will be a good fit for my marathon training and I'm a little nervous.

That is one empty airport you were in on Christmas Day! Lol

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I like these posts!

I like running by myself AND with others. Depends on my mood.

I am also a Cancer and very crab-like!

I have 2 Christmas oranges on my desk and I already ate one today! LOVE!

I also love pancakes and waffles. I alternate though. I think that's what I will have this weekend for breakfast!

I have never been to SF but it is on my list of places to go. Won't be going anywhere for awhile though...

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I've travelled on Christmas Day before and I kind of like it - so empty!

lu said...

i also love being in airports on my own, i find that is some of the best alone time i can get. even more when it is a longhaul flight and i am literally flying solo.

i spend every other christmas away from home, some have been fantastic and others have been sort of sad, but i will be surrounded by a new family this year and i am pretty sure it will be a good one.

and i am strangely identical to any description of aquarians that i have ever read!

Marlene said...


I used to run solo all the time too. Now I can't imagine doing all of my runs alone, or even most of them!

Not sure if you read this blog, but she posted an amazing 'recipe' for croissant french toast yesterday. Totally need to try that.

The Great Balancing Act

Me: I hate being cold but I hate being hot more.

Anonymous said...

I used to think I didn't like running with other people too. And then I started running with other people and realized I loved it. I still NEED my solo runs, but when I'm running 5 days a week I get bored with my own thoughts :)

I had to work on Christmas day when I worked on a cruise ship. It SUCKED and I hated every single one of those passengers. They could have at least told me not worry about thier room on Christmas day. Gross cruise people.