Monday, December 05, 2011

favourite things christmas blog swap- thank you!

So I decided to participate in the Favourite Things Christmas blog swap over at Best thing is Love. Since one of my favourite things about Christmas is finding fun things to give to people, it seemed like a fun thing to do.

I got my gift in the mail at the end of last week and it was full of all sorts of fun goodies from Nicole:

There was hot chocolate, two kinds of barks, a gift card for some new holiday tunes, a great magazine, and of course- a little Baileys for some extra holiday cheer (and since Nicole won't be drinking Baileys this Christmas, I'll gladly dedicate that drink to her).

Thank you again Nicole! I can't wait to pick out some new music!

What is one of YOUR favourite things to do, give, or eat around Christmas?


Leigh said...

Woo your package is fun! I love seeing what everyone got :)

Katie said...

Nice little gift! I love seeing family. Oh, and I enjoy eggnog among other things.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Yay I am so glad that you liked it!! I had fun putting it together!

Thanks for dedicating the Baileys to me-- that's the one thing I am missing right now!

Kelsey said...

I love listening to Boney M's Christmas album. It's a classic.