Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wine wednesday- i found it!

Remember when I lamented the fact that I couldn't find the "Witch wine"? Well...I found it. And it is as good as I remembered it.
I found it this weekend at the wine store and since Suz was over for dinner tonight (and wow did I go all out with preparing a fancy meal- right Suz?) I figured it should be opened. Definitely the kind of wine that is great with food but is a good "sipper" as well. Smooth, flavourful, delicious!

If you're looking for a nice red for next Wednesday, give Les Sorcieres a try.

What's your favourite red?

(and if you've noticed a lack of really good posts lately, you're right. I have to be honest- between work, school work, and life being kind of busy, something has got to give. I'd much rather do well at school, still live my active lifestyle, have time for my husband and my friends than worry too much about blogging. I still like it, it is fun, but if I'm going to let something "lag", it is going to be the blogging. And in the words of Katy- sorry, I'm not sorry. Hopefully I'll have more time soon.)


Laura said...

I will need to seek out that red..
I don't have a favourite label but overall love Shiraz. And need some wine in my life right now I think...

Marlene said...

I don't like red wine, but I really wish I did! I have tried over and over again hoping my taste buds would come around (kind of like avocado and hummus, which I could not eat for the longest time) but it is not working!

For now, I'll enjoy my white!


Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Wine... I generally like pinot noir or Cab Sav. Will have to try that one when I am allowed to drink again!

Rebecca W said...

I am not the biggest fan of red wine...but one I do like is called 'Red Truck' which is a California wine.

lu said...

i unfairly judge wine based on its label and i love this one and will certainly pick it up if i ever seen it in the shops.

i am stuck on Nederberg's cabernet sauvignon from south africa and any beaujolais i can get my hands on in monrovia.

Suz said...

Delish wine! Thanks for Sharing!!!