Thursday, November 03, 2011

wine, it's what's for dinner

Ok, not so much, but I had a great glass of wine with my dinner last night. Dinner was lentil curry, naan, and a lovely glass of red:
curry is so attractive in pictures
Clearly, I was hungry and wasn't willing to photograph my food, just the aftermath. This is why I'm not a food blogger ;-)

When I was at the wine store, what I was actually looking for was a wine that translated into English is called "The Witches":
I tried this wine a couple of weeks ago and loved both the wine and the label. As I was drinking it and admiring the label, one of my dining companions (who is quite a wine connoisseur) was saying that women are more likely to choose a wine based on on the label rather than the grape or the description. I guess I agree...although I will check the grape or the type of wine to see if it is something I think I will like.

When I went to the wine store, what I was looking for was the 2010 vintage of Les Sorcières for a price of $18 or so. What they had was an older bottle. Price? $85. I did NOT buy it. Instead, I settled on something with an equally fun label but without the sticker shock:
La Mano says drink me!
A nice Spanish red with loads of deliciousness and for a much better price. Perfect for Wine Wednesday. Apparently they'll have the "newer" version of the Witches I'll be on the lookout.

Have you tried a good wine lately? Are you a red, white, or whatever is open kind of person?


Rebecca said...

I haven't had a good glass of wine in 35 weeks..... :( a month I can at least have a glass after a feeding... :-)

I prefer white wine, but do like reds as well. However I hate wine that has a strong oak taste, especially in whites. Chardonnay is on my list of wine I rarely drink (and if Chardonnay is offered, I will generally go to red). Rieslings are my favorite. I have a riesling from California that I was supposed to drink after paying my student will be a Christmas wine instead :)

Laura said...

I'm a red girl. Shiraz is my fav though I am sure I pick 'em by the pretty label as well.
Really good champagne has a special place in my heart as well.

Marlene said...

I only drink white, but other than that I'm not picky. I don't even have a favourite... and I often pick based on the label. :P

Anonymous said...

Red. Always. And no, not whats open. Usually a bottle in my house gets finished that night. It never tastes as good the next day.

Molly @ the F-spot said...

Wine on Wednesdays?? Can I join in on this posting trend? (for real) I'll be sure to link back to you!

My go-to "daily drinker" is Cocobon. It's a red wine blend from California and I've only found it at Trader Joe's. This deliciousness is $6.99/bottle, which makes it even easier to drink. :-)


Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Now I am craving naan bread and wine!!

I agree- I totally pick wine because of the labels, unless it is a grape variety that I don't like!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm a whatever is open kind of person but partial to reds. We need to re-stock our wine supply since we're running low! I like to always have 3 or 4 bottles in the house, you never know when you're going to need one!

Kris | said...

I love red. It's my go to, but I do like white before dinner and then red with....mmmm I could go for some now!! LOL


kristen said...

Oh Molly- how I am jealous of the price of wine in the is very rare to find a wine under $10 here that you want to drink.

Nicole- maybe satisfy that naan craving :)

Rebecca- SOON. You can have that glass of wine oh so soon. And you'll probably need it ;-)

Amber- I'm kind of a whatever is open kind of gal as well. If I'm offered red or white I usually say "whatever is open" but this fall I seem to be moving more toward the reds. I think the cool air is making me want the warmth of a full bodied red.