Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful friday

Even though real Thanksgiving was more than a month ago (you know, where we give thanks for Martin Frobisher's valiant yet unsuccessful attempt to find the northwest passage), as I see and hear all the Americans - my family included- talking about giving thanks and spending time with friends and family this weekend, I find it hard not to reflect on the things that I'm thankful for and that I can celebrate "aboat."

Family. And this year, my family has an extra reason to be thankful. It is always exciting when there is a new member of the family and this is the first time that "my side" of the family has had tiny feet and chubby cheeks to fall in love with. Even though Zoey has the extra cuteness factor- I really am thankful for all of my family. They are so supportive and I'm glad I lucked out on the family and in-law front!
not the hipster glasses
Friends. Moving to a new city is hard. When we moved to Montreal last year, we left a really great group of friends in Ottawa. It had taken awhile to build that up after moving from Calgary to Ottawa, so it was hard to leave knowing that we didn't know that many people in Montreal. But somehow we've been absorbed by some great people here. We've met some really fun and really great friends this year. And I'm thankful for all of my "old" friends too. So happy the trip to Ottawa isn't that long and that I still manage to see other friends around the country as well.
yay team awesome!
My Husband (and I wish that I could find a way to turn that into an "f" word to go with the list). Again- moving to a new city is hard. And we've done it twice in the last 6 years. I definitely couldn't have done it alone and couldn't have done most of what I've accomplished in the last 6 years without Jordan backing me up. He makes me laugh, he helps me believe in myself when I'm not sure I can do something, and gives me a swift kick in the butt when I get down on myself.
also thankful he isn't doing Movember this year.
My life. And finally, I'm so thankful to have won the "situation" lottery when it comes to my life situation. Yes, I worked hard to get my education and to find a job I liked and that I feel like I'm good at, but none of that hard work would have even mattered if I had been born in another time, another place, or in just a slightly different situation. I don't have to fight for any rights, I was born into a family of downright privilege compared to most of the world, I am a happy person, and I'm a healthy person. Life is good and no matter what kind of frustrations I have in the day- I have so much more to be thankful and grateful for than to be upset about.
Life is good

Wherever you're from and wherever you're living- what are you thankful for today?


Marlene said...

What a happy, feel good post! Love it!

Rebecca W said...

I wish my husband wasn't doing Movember. I don't mind the full on beard, but hate the mustache!

I'm definitely thankful for my health, the fact that I do have a career (sometimes haha) and that my family isn't crazy :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I am also VERY thankful for my family, friends, fiance (yay the f word works for me for another few months!!), my pets and my life. There are day-to-day things that happen that frustrate me and piss me off but overall I am extremely happy and content with the way my life is going and for that I'm very thankful!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I agree 100%!!

Love that picture of you and Zooey!!

Heather said...

I'm thankful for you!! (cue the full house music)