Monday, October 31, 2011

things i wish i was good at

There are things that I am good at. Things like finding stuff on the internet (can I list "googling" as a skill?), making soup, finding a silver lining, and baking cookies.
There are things I'm getting better at- like not being so hard on myself, cooking meat, and asking for help when I need it.

There are also some things I'm really quite bad at and wish I was good at. These include:
  • Making my house look pretty and put together. It is something I have pretty much no aptitude for. I know what I don't like, I think I know what I absolutely hate, but when it comes to what I like? I sort of know what I like and when it comes to actually putting something together that looks good? Well, that is not something I can do at all. Maybe if I subscribe to some sort of magazine it will help...or is that what friends and interior decorators are for?
  • Carving pumpkins. Ok- so that isn't a skill that comes in handy all too often so maybe the real thing I wish I was good at was anything artistic at all. I have poor fine motor skills so I suck at all things that involve drawing, cutting, or painting. I wish I was better at stuff like that.
  • Up-dos. I think I could work on this- I just need to practice with some hairspray and bobby pins and to perhaps watch an instructional video or two. I don't think I'll ever be that good at it, but I could probably get a little better and work some new styles into my repertoire.
I wonder if those are things I'll ever manage to be good at...

What about you? Tell me one thing you're really good at and one thing you wish you were good at?


Rebecca W said...

Haha, I say that I am good at googling too! I tell my husband and students all the time "give me 2 minutes and I will find it"...and I usually do.

I would say that I am really good with organizing my time/time management. I can usually do quite a bit in the day if I sit for a minute and think about what needs to get done. Along with this, I am freakishly good at figuring out how long things will take. I can usually pinpoint within 5 minutes of when I will arrive somewhere or guesstimate how long something will last. This is complete opposite to my husband who is late all the time and always underestimates time :)

In terms of something I wish I did better...I struggle with expressing my emotions or helping people who are upset. I never know what to say and usually stay silent. Watching Grey's Anatomy, P has said "haha, you are SO like Christina Yang" a few times.....eeek

Laura said...

I'm good at if you give me a totally messy room I can whip it into shape pretty quickly. I'm a good meal planner as well..I better be or we'd never eat.
I wish I could sing..I don't even sing Happy Birthday for fear of people's ears bleeding.

Marlene said...

Fun idea for a post! You got me thinking.... let's see, I think I am really good at loading the dishwasher. Hubs disagrees since he does it COMPLETELY differently. My way is better, I swear.

Random, I know.

Not so good at.... dressing myself. Honestly, I have no fashion sense and rarely look put together.

Molly @ the F-spot said...

Ha! I am not-so-good at all the same things as you. Seriously. That's weird. My hair is FINALLY long enough to do stuff with and I have no idea what to do with it.

For the good... I am an expert menu reader. I can suss out ingredients and food preparation methods to know EXACTLY what the dish will and will not be. Better yet? I can recreate most things in my own kitchen.

Fun post!

Anonymous said...

I love that you said your getting better at, "cooking meat."

Finding the silver lining is a gift! I don't necesarily have it.

Thing I am good at: telling you what you need to hear, even though you likely don't want to hear it.

Things I am bad at: telling you what you need to hear....

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

That soup looks good!

I am an excellent googler- if I need info on anything I always check google. What we did before the internet, I don't know!

I am not good at cooking period! It's from lack of trying though. I don't have the patience! I am hoping that being on maternity leave will inspire me to want to cook, since I don't have any desire until I see the great things other people make!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

i wish i was better at relaxing, haha. Noo really, i need to be able to let loose and chill!