Wednesday, October 12, 2011

thankful it isn't race week or "you get what you need"

Almost as soon as I left the medical tent after the Montreal half-marathon, I was thinking about a redemption race. I trained really hard this spring and summer and I know that I was in the kind of shape that would have had me PR (and got that sub 1:55) if my body got along with heat a little better. I had already been considering running the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon, since Jordan is running the marathon, and thought "ok, that's my redemption race...I've got almost a month to recover and prepare, it will be cooler, and it is a flat course." Plus, I've run it before, so I know what to expect.
Post-Race in 2008
Instead of rushing into it, however, I decided to sleep on it. I figured I should give myself a day before I registered. I woke up the next morning thinking that I still wanted to run the race so I would register.  It sold out before I got the chance to sign up. (lots of Montreal runners needing a new race perhaps?)

I looked around for people selling bibs (someone tried to sell me one for $150- double what he paid) and even considered running the half using a full marathon bib- even had a potential one lined up. But ultimately, I chose not to run. I decided that since I have to do the driving to and from Toronto and I have two weeks of intensive school courses starting on the 17th, being a spectator and being Jordan's support crew will be exhausting enough.

Now that it is just a few days until the race- boy am I glad it was sold out! (thank you universe, well done!) Work is intense this week and I have a million things to do to get ready for school. I already handed in my pre-course assignment, but I still have reading to do, tuition to pay (damn I miss my undergrad degree days when I could pay online with a credit card- easy AND credit card points), and life to organize before leaving this weekend for Toronto. I pretty much have to have everything ready to go so that I can walk in the door when I get home from Toronto on Sunday evening/night, crawl into bed, then be ready to learn on Monday morning. Adding race week nerves and stress into that would not be fun.
No racing = more beer this weekend
So in this case when it comes to this race- I didn't get what I wanted, but I definitely got what I needed! And if I don't post or don't leave as many comments on your blogs as usual, you know why. I'm a little frenzied over here.

When is the last time you didn't get what you wanted but rather what you needed?

PS- Baby watch is still going strong. No baby yet- so go say hi to Heather and tell her a joke to make her laugh! (and marvel at that fantastic picture of me on her latest post. I'm pretty sure I'm singing Bon Jovi and I had already lost my right earring- I think it was the only casualty of that night)


Laura said...

I know there will be a kabillion people around but hope to spot you at some point. I'm doing the half and have no idea even what the route is...only that I am staying at the Harbour Castle and walking up from there. I will have my easy to spot pink and black shoes on if you are looking down. :)
Hope the week/upcoming weeks go well!

Leana said...

Yay for silver linings! Best of luck getting ready and good luck to Jordan on his race!

Heather said...

Good thing you're not racing... I think you need a break. And not one in your foot.

And you can cheer your little heart out!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Love the ice bath!

Sounds like you are busy enough and don't need the stress of racing. Enjoy spectating and drinking beer!