Thursday, October 27, 2011

signs I'm an older student

Since I'm now on campus (well for the last two weeks- and tomorrow is my last day) with a bunch of youngins, here are some signs that I am not like them:

  • I have no desire to wear sweatpants to school
  • I don't want to pair said sweatpants with Uggs
  • Potato chips and pop (soda for some of you) don't sound like the perfect lunch
  • I get to class early
  • I pay attention and am not embarrassed to ask questions
  • After an exhausting day of classes from 8:30-5:30, I have no desire to go out in party
  • My 10:00 pm bedtime still sounds perfect.
Yup, definitely getting old.

Only one more day of class- then back to my regular work schedule (plus all my assignments). I have a feeling that work will almost feel like a break...

What did you do as a student that you cringe a little at now? 
(For me it was all the crap I ate. I don't think I EVER thought about what it was I was putting in my mouth and in my body. No wonder I gained weight)


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Haha, I think I did all the things you wouldn't do when I was in college! Although I was pretty nerdy and still wanted so sit at the front!

Toronto Girl West said...

I can't believe how many overpriced specialty drinks I consumed in the first couple of years in undergrad!!!

Marlene said...

Sweat pants, uggs, potato chips and pop are the only reasons I would WANT to be a student again. :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I love wearing my sweatpants and UGGs! So comfy! I miss my care-free university days when I could eat whatever I wanted, without gaining much weight!!

I remember thinking that 8:00am classes were soooooo early. I should have taken more to prepare myself for the "real world!"

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

i am pretty sure I was a old student all my college career. Still went to bed early and got to class early. Ya , nerd! And i even at salads! whoa!

Rebecca W said...

I'm in bed no later than 11pm on a 'school night' now, when I was in University it was more like 1am or 2am. Going out to a bar on a school night was A-ok and I didn't feel it the next day...BUT...getting up for the 8:30 class was killer, even though I lived 10 minutes from school.

Honestly, I'm glad that I was able to complete my undergrad prior to technology going nuts. We didn't even have wireless installed until my 3rd year!

Anonymous said...

I was an older studen as well. 32 (or maybe 33 - it gets fuzzy) when I got my undergrad. I feel you on this.

You forgot texting all class.

I could never understand how lazy you had to be to not even get dressed before leaving the house!

sandbocks said...

The best is when I have had to explain to my students that way back when I was doing my undergrad (99-03) we didn't have mobile phones!

kristen said...

And no Facebook when we were undergrads too! I think I had a cell phone my last year or university but that's all.