Tuesday, October 11, 2011

scenes from the 'hood- st henri's finest

Since this weekend was gorgeous (seriously- gloriously sunny and it felt a little like summer). Therefore, I spent a lot of time outside. Some scenes from the neighbourhood. Here are some pictures from the weekend walkabouts.

Montreal has a really strange law that basically says "no street meat." So no sausage stands, no chip trucks, and no taco stands. Nothing that involves cooking in a place other than a kitchen. For a place known for great food, it is definitely a food downfall and with the food truck craze sweeping North America, we're definitely missing out. Lately though, businesses have been getting around the rule by cooking in a kitchen and serving the food in a portable truck. Grumman Tacos is actually based pretty close to home and it was nice to see them set up in the hood this weekend. We got to try the "Thanksgiving" tacos and meatball tacos. I definitely preferred the Thanksgiving over the meatball.
Grumman 78 Tacos
One thing my neighbourhood has a lot of is graffiti- both in a street art and in a "tagging" kind of way. This cat and dog art is something we all found very confusing when we saw it:
Are they hugging? Are they fighting? We just don't know
This one, however, is not confusing at all. I think we all know what the message is:
Do they know someone has to pay to cover that up?
It is definitely an interesting neighbourhood and I love that I get to run and walk by so many interesting sights and sounds almost every day.

And finally, because no long weekend is complete without a little refreshment:
Mmm. Beer.
I remember being at a pub in Calgary when Okanagan Spring had their 1516 release party and I have loved their beers ever since. There aren't very many places around here that carry it, so when I see it on tap, I have a hard time resisting. They've definitely changed their logo since I left Alberta (where the Okanagan Spring is a plenty) and I love their new look. It reminds me of a grain elevator- which is somewhat odd because there aren't many grain elevators in the Okanagan...but I still like it.

So there you go- a little walk around my neighbourhood. I hope you enjoyed it!

Do you eat from food trucks? Does your city allow "street meat?"


Rebecca W said...

I always found it weird that Montreal didn't have "street meat". I had to do field research all over Montreal 4 years ago and found it frustrating. The specialized food truck fad is really interesting. Even in Orleans we have a few specialized poutine trucks and one wood oven pizza truck! I haven't noticed downtown's stuff, just a few hot dog vendors?

I'm thinking today is the day for your sister....

Marlene said...

I've been to Montreal a few times and had no idea about the no street meat policy! Toronto is FULL of street meat - everywhere you turn.

Laura said...

Burlington doesn't have street meat but I have heard this is a great street truck that started up in Hamilton called Gorilla Cheese...which I need to try....