Tuesday, October 04, 2011

out with the old and in with the new...computer

Dear new computer,
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
duelling macs
Hooray for no more rainbow pinwheel of death and I'm very excited to get started with my new computer. But first, I need to part with it for at least 24 hours while the fantastic people at Apple transfer all my old files to the new computer.

I spent about an hour cleaning out all the clutter from in anticipation of the file transfer. My favourite "found" file was the file called "Dinner." I genuinely had no idea what it was going to be when I opened it. The contents? A spreadsheet, including formulae (or formulas if you don't want to be fancy) for my sister's bachelorette party dinner. Yup. I'm a confirmed geek.

How geeky are you? What is the true measure of your geekiness?


Heather said...

That was a delicious dinner though!!!

Rebecca W said...

Yay new computer! Rainbow pinwheel of death?!?!

How old was your old macbook? I'm starting my iMac fund soon so I can buy a new shiny in about a year.

I'm not too geeky, i think.... I am going to be looking at blogs/twitter to see what is being released today by Apple.

Marlene said...

Snazzy!!! I think I might be the anti-geek... I don't even have a smartphone!

Lulu said...

lovely new computer! My pinweel of death pops up every once in a while, fingers crossed it doesn't take over entirely before I can get a new mac.

I share your love of spreadsheets.... in fact my entire job is based on spreadsheets - hows that for geek?

kristen said...

H-mo- indeed it was. :)

Rebecca- the pinwheel of death. I think some call it the beach ball? It is that rainbow spinny thing that happens when the computer is thinking too hard and freezing. My macbook was 5 and a half years old with no OS upgrades so I was still on 10.4 (I think) and had lost the capability to upgrade iTunes- which meant I could sync with my phone. So the operating system has changed a lot. I need some lessons!

Marlene- I resisted the smart phone until March. Now I love my iPhone.

Lulu- yay for spreadsheet geekiness!

Rebecca W said...

Ohhh...that pinwheel. Yes I know that one. Mine doesn't do it that often, but I am certain that it will start next year. I need to install more memory on my macbook otherwise no upgrades for me!

I seriously thought there was a pinwheel on your screen mucking things up...haha

runforwine.net said...

I love to geek out on a spreadsheet. I came across my wedding spreadsheet the other day. it was so pretty. It's a wedding keepsake.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Yay for a new computer! J is trying to convince me to get an iPad. I don't know if I am ready for that step in technology!