Thursday, October 20, 2011

my first lululemon

My first lululemon was a pair of grey sweatpants. I bought them in early 2005 (perhaps late 2004) and they quickly became my go-to relaxation pants. They've been slept in, they've made me comfortable when I've been sick, and they've kept me warm and cozy while watching movies on grey days. They made the move with me to Ottawa and then to Montreal. Even though I've lost weight since buying them, they've still been a part of my life thanks to the drawstring...sure, they don't look the most flattering now that they're a little big, but they were still a comfortable "old friend."

Until now. You see, through the years, the waistband holds the drawstring in place has slowly been getting holes in it. The drawstring has rubbed against the top of its "sleeve," making holes and slowly eating away at the waistband.  The other day, I pulled those comfy grey pants out of the dryer to find them now unwearable:
can't hold the drawstring anymore
Here's the thing- other than the waistband problem, these pants are in practically perfect condition. The hems of each leg are fine- no holes, no fraying. There aren't any holes or signs of wear anywhere BUT that waistband. These pants are older than my two nephews and there is just the pesky problem of the waistband.

Overall, I have to say that I'm really impressed with the quality of these pants- they've lasted for so long and with the exception of that waistband aren in really good shape. When it comes down to a "price per wear" calculation, I practically owe these pants money. But at this point, they are unwearable. I'm not sure I'm ready to part with them and to make them into cleaning rags, but I'm not sure how to salvage them.

Any ideas? Should I call lululemon and ask them if they have any ideas? Do you have an item of clothing that has lasted for what seems like ever?


Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

And this is why I love Lululemon... I think I bought my first pair of pants in 2004 also! I still have them too.

How about taking them to a seamstress and see if they can put a new waistband in? Might cost $20 or so but it would be worth it if the rest of the pants are in good condition.

I am sure if you call Lululemon they could give you some advice- they seem pretty helpful.

sandbocks said...

Same as Nicole, I'm sure a seamstress could remedy something up no problem....

Rebecca said...

You just need a new waist band...I *think* that is easy to fix (I know nothing about sewing).

Let me know if you call Lulu and find out 2007 pants are starting to do the same thing in the waist of the pants are still great!

Laura said...

Wouldn't hurt to see what Lulu says..
I have a sweatshirt from my first yr @ McMaster University. It is GINORMOUS but has last lo these mannnnnyyyyyy years.
It is actually in great shape so I just can't quit it.

Anonymous said...

Ode to lululemon pants. I like it. I have one pair and they are FAR AND AWAY my FAVORITE! You could always take them to a tailor with some new fabric and have them put on new waistband.....

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I would take them to a seamstress! I bet they could fix up that waistband for relatively little money!

I JUST started buying lulu last year and bought my first pair of shorts in October 2010 after my marathon. Needless to say I'm now hooked and own a lot of lulu apparel :)

Anonymous said...

My painting t.shirt is a Scotia Bank t.shirt my mom wore when she was pregnant with my brother, about 36 years ago. Besides a hole in the armpit and some, or a lot, of paint, it's still in great shape.
One of my favourite bedtime T's is my 4-H camp t.shirt from about 1990, it has zero holes and it is the softest ash blue shirt ever.
I think my first pair of lulu's are 5.5 years old and they're in perfect condition, even the waistband!
I could go on and on but I'll stop now.


Stephanie said...

I had a pair of Duke shorts (the kind that are the gray sweatpant like material) for about 15 years. They were AWESOME. After the elastic went out and they were falling off, I still wore them around the house for another year!

J said...

Just found your blog through Runner's rambles. I have a pair of pants just like those - although not lulumon! But I refuse to give them up because they are my favorites! That is so impressive they lasted that long!