Friday, October 07, 2011

friday randoms- the happy thanksgiving edition

Some random thoughts:

- Last night I had to go to the apple store to pick up my computers after the file transfers. It was really quite strange to walk up to the store and to have as many people milling around outside the store as there were inside the store. Lots of post-it notes and different pictures and tributes taped to the store window, lots of apples or bags of apples, and many bouquets of flowers. I was just glad that all of those people weren't IN the store. It was nice to have a little room to move and to get served right away!

-I have had two dreams about my sister's baby in the last two nights. The first was one where she emailed me to tell me that the baby would be born at 6:03 AM (and I was in a panic that I didn't know if that would be my time or her time). The second involved watching the baby move around in her belly- but in a super creepy way. Her belly would stretch so much that it sort of formed around the baby and you could do stuff like grab its hand. What Heather did was pinch its nose. It was super weird. Dreams are just weird.
-Thanksgiving weekend always marks an anniversary of sorts for me. October 2005 is when I moved from Calgary (and my family and the place I'd always lived) to Ottawa. So the first weekend of my move was Thanksgiving. I don't recommend that. But it did all work out. Since then, I think I've managed to get back to Calgary about half the Thanksgiving weekends that I've lived away. This Thanksgiving we're staying put.

Yes, definitely random.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! And if you aren't Canadian- why not be thankful this weekend anyway?

What are you thankful for today?


Derek said...

I love the fact that I "know" someone who's Canadian now. I would have had no idea about your Thanksgiving. Thanks for the fun and informative posts. :-)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Crazy dreams for sure!

I am thankful for my health, my family, my baby belly, my friends, my job, and my country! said...

Dreams are so weird. I have the most vivid dreams almost every night. They can be cool, but it also makes me a very poor sleeper.

Happy thanksgiving.

Kirst said...

Thankful for a lot. Life is pretty good right now.