Thursday, September 01, 2011

three things thusday- the yoga, farts, and donkeys edition

Happy Thursday y'all! Tomorrow is the last of my summer Fridays so I'm both excited for an extra long weekend but sad that summer is really over. I'm feeling a little shocked that it is September. But on with the show...

Thing One: I did some Yin Yoga last night. I've done it once before and enjoyed it and last night it didn't disappoint. Especially when nearing the end of a training cycle, it is really nice to go to a class where there is no standing, not balancing, no chaturanga...just slow, deep stretches. As long as you're ok with a slow moving class and you're able to "quiet your mind" a bit, I'd highly recommend it if you need a good stretch.

Thing Two: In said class, there was someone doing a lot of farting. Which was funny...(sorry, farts are funny) but I managed not to laugh. Until I got home and thought of Ashley...and then wondered just what kind of fart it was. Then I allowed myself to giggle. And then laugh out loud. And then laugh even more when I realized I had to do a google search for vagina farts because it wouldn't work properly on her site. Awesome.

Thing Three: My sister posted pictures of her baby room yesterday. I love them. My favourite, of course, is the picture called "Donkey!" because Jordan and I bought the donkey.  We were looking at all the animals and decided the Donkey was the most likely to have tattoos.
(source: heather's blog)
Two funny stories about things in that picture. Number one- what used to be in the frame shown in that picture wasn't nearly as cute as those little was a picture of her friend taking a shot...from my sister's crotch. Love it. Number two- when I brought the donkey to Heather, her husband came home later that day and Heather said "look...look what Kristen brought us." He seemed under-enthusiastic and almost confused. A little while later he suddenly said "ooooh...for the BABY...she brought the donkey for the BABY."

So there you have it- I managed to talk about yoga, farts, and donkeys all in one post. I have a talent for randomness.

Do you like yoga or is it not for you? And tell me- what makes you giggle uncontrollably?


Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I have never tried that kind of yoga but it sounds great! Sometimes I want a power yoga class and other times I want something that is super relaxing! I used to have a pilates teacher who talked about farts lots- usually after she farted in a class!

Do I even want to know why your sister's friend was taking crotch shots and she was displaying them? :) That's too funny about the donkey!!

Derek said...

I love Donkeys!!!!

oh yeah, the rest of the post was great fun too :-)

Leigh said...

Haha your post makes much more sense now! :) I am always scared of farting in yoga...that's why running outside is better. No one can hear you, haha :)

jnelle said...

haha, i admit, i clicked on your twitter link for today's post for the sole reason that it had farts in the intro. farts make me giggle the most, esp. when they are during the most inappropriate times! A friend and I near lost it so bad during a yoga class in calgary when an older man took everything in us to not die laughing.

Donkeys are my favorite animal ever, after monkeys. Very cute!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I have totally let them slip in yoga before. It's hard to hold them in when you're twisting and turning!!

My studio is starting to offer yin yoga - very excited to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I rarely laugh outloud when I'm alone, but I did when I read about your brother-in-law's reaction to the donkey.