Thursday, September 15, 2011

three things thursday: the other people's posts edition

Well, I thought I'd mix it up this Thursday- I thought I'd plug other people's posts. So here are three blog posts I've read this week that I thought were worth sharing.

Post one is Oh Yes, You Can! (Or why I don't believe your excuses) over at Losing Weight in the City. Theodora has lost an amazing amount of weight while leading a busy life. One by one, she picks apart all the excuses people make about changing their lives for the better.

I absolutely agree with her- so many of our "reasons" are actually excuses. Instead of "I can't" a better way to frame it might be "I'm not willing to make the sacrifice right now" or "I'm not motivated enough to make the change yet." Lets all be more honest with ourselves when it comes to making changes.

Post two is Sorry I'm Not Sorry from Katy Widrick. She talked about feeling guilty for things that she sees other people doing and feels like she should do too. Then she took a closer look and thought "NO- no I'm NOT sorry for that." She loves cheese too much to become a vegan and she doesn't like chia seeds- and she's not sorry for either of those.

Her post prompted me to leave the following un-apologies in her comments section:
I like bacon too much to be a vegetarian. Sorry, I’m not sorry.
I sometimes buy the cheap factory eggs because I need eggs and they are the only ones my grocery store around the corner sells. Sorry, I’m not sorry.
Sometimes I refuel after a fifteen mile run with baguette, double cream brie, and Spanish ham instead of whole grains and lean protein. I wouldn’t even dream of apologizing for that one.
If I had to give up running or beer, I’d rather learn to walk really fast or become a great bike rider than give up beer. Sorry, I’m not sorry.
Post three is to lighten the mood and make you laugh- Steve in a Speedo's post about his horrible race pictures. As someone who generally looks terrible in race pictures, he not only made me laugh but I empathized with him. Thankfully, however, I've never had eyes so crazy it looked like I was "stealing the soul of nearby children." Wow Steve- those are awesome.

Have you read (or written) anything this week that you think I (or others) should read? Anything you're NOT sorry for?


Marlene said...

"Sorry I'm not Sorry" - I love that.

Sorry I'm not sorry for spending a ridiculous price for a tiny 4-oz single serve haagen daaz chocolate peanut butter ice cream cup since having the full tub in my freezer is too risky!

Ameena said...

I love the "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" post...thanks for the link or I would have never found it!

I'm not sorry that sometimes I send my kid off to school and then dread picking her up at 2:39 (unlike the other mothers). She's a handful that one.

kristen said...

Mmmmm...chocolcate PB ice cream...

And Ameena, I bet some of those other mothers are lying :)

Toronto Girl West said...

I believe a cupcake is a perfect chaser to a great workout. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

It's been years since I cleaned my own toilet. And btw, I consider my cleaning lady the best thing I waste money on every month. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

I could go on but I'll stop right there . . . :o)