Saturday, September 24, 2011

ready, set, goals (for the montreal half marathon)

Even though I haven't talked about my training in detail on the blog, I've been training for the Montreal half marathon all summer. And I've been training really hard. 10 milers, 12 milers, many 13 milers, plus two 14 mile long runs and I topped out at a 15 mile loooong run. Tempo runs, intervals, hills...lots of preparation has gone into this race.

Although the weather forecast isn't looking ideal (damn you humidity), I'm still excited and ready to run my best tomorrow.  Normally, I don't throw all the goals up on the blog, but I figured why not!

First off: Since Suz and I were running and training together, we both want to PR. Her best time is faster than mine (by almost exactly 2 minutes) so we'd both really like to run under a 1:54.42. That would definitely kill two birds with one stone as it would push me under that 1:55 that I wanted to do in May and did not.

Second: I want to quiet the demons. I've done a pretty good job of ignoring the bad voices in my head these days. But I'm still not 100% sure that those demons have left my head, so I feel like I still need need to keep that as a goal.

Third: Leave it all out there. No matter what, I want to finish knowing I tried my best. If my best is hampered a little by the weather- so be it- but I want to cross the finish line knowing that I couldn't have done better yesterday. Hopefully that also means that I finish with a smile on my face.

So...sub 1:55 or bust (but really sub 1:54:42 or bust)!

Good luck to everyone else racing tomorrow!


Leigh said...

Good luck tomorrow!! :)

Derek said...

Good luck. Get out there and kill it!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you. I needed clarification :)

Your training has been solid. It's exactly what I would have done for a proper half training plan. You are SO STRONG right now!

The demons may of course creep in, but you will be ready to kick them out. Immediately! Do you have a mantra for that? When that happens, I usually start convincing myself, "this pace is easy and I could do it all day"

And the third thing will fall into place!

Excited to hear how it all goes down!

Kirst said...

Good luck tomorrow Chick! Can't wait to hear about it. And thanks for face timing Taylor today. She felt pretty special.