Tuesday, September 27, 2011

one last post- the aftermath of the montreal half marathon

Ok- so now that I've recovered (although I spent all of yesterday thirsty and with a low-grade headache) I am going to write one last post about the half.

First off- Jordan had signs! And they were awesome. The first sign said Step 1: START RUNNING. On the other side? THERE IS NO STEP 2! Besides making me laugh, the best part of the sign was that as he was just holding it at his side (Step 1 side visible), a guy ran by and said "There is no step 2!" It was pretty awesome (and I wasn't even there).

The second sign said "Hurry up- We're HUNGRY" on one side and "I like PIE" on the other. Jordan really does like pie. He's no liar. Unfortunately, the signs ended up with Suz so I couldn't take a picture. But trust me, they were awesome and they made me laugh!

Secondly- Can't say enough about the support from Suz, Sean, and Jordan on the day. As I felt like ass, they made me smile and they made sure I got taken care of and that I took care of myself. And Suz could have run faster...her body was cooperating a little more than mine was. Speaking of support, thank you for all of YOUR kind words. I really appreciate it.

Plus, Jordan got to meet Sam Roberts at the finish line :) I'm totally jealous.

And finally- I'm no longer disappointed. Even though I am no longer running to finish but rather to meet certain goals, I'm over the unfortunate-ness of Sunday. Shit happens, my body hates heat, it is better to be safe than sorry.

I'm also over it because I got an email from a co-worker congratulating me on my race. She has MS and sometimes walking is a challenge for her. In her email to me, she talked about the oppressive humidity and that she was awestruck that I ran let alone finished. It made me thankful to get out and run. Thankful that even though the heat slowed me down, I can run, walk, and run some more.

I kind of wanted to run today. But I didn't :) And hey- third time is a charm right? Next time I'll get you you 1:55 bastard!

So I'll leave you with the most flattering picture ever taken of me:
wiping the salt from my face
Enough about me, me me! Go say something nice to someone and tell me about it. And tell me something that made YOU smile over the last few days!


Marlene said...

I'll give you ONE GUESS what made me smile. :)

Glad you are feeling better about things and ready to move on. 1:55 will be yours, hopefully at Scotia. :)

And OMG those are the best signs ever!! I may have to steal that...

Molly @ the F-spot said...

My first time visiting!

My last race left a bad taste in my mouth that's still there, so I'm glad you're moving on and accepting that it is what it is.

Something that made me smile: my dog died two months ago (the night before said horrible race, actually) and I've been watching a friend's dog while she is on vacation. This sweet girl makes me smile every time she follows me from room to room, every time she wiggles to greet me, and when she gladly jumps into bed with me at night. Ahhh, puppy love!

kristen said...

Awww- puppy love is the best. Thank you for stopping by Molly!

And Marlene, I'm going to go ahead and guess that you haven't wiped that silly grin off your face since you got that email from the BAA (ok, maybe for a few minutes when you found out your husband didn't get in...)