Monday, September 12, 2011

lululemon salutation nation 2011 montreal

Saturday morning I did some yoga in the park. It was absolutely lovely. The class was a part of the 2011 edition of lululemon's Salutation Nation. In every city with a lululemon, there was a free outdoor yoga class at 9am.

My day started a little rushed with a wake up and a "do I have time or do I not have time to get there" conversation. Ultimately,  I decided I had time if I hurried my butt out the door. So I threw on my yoga stuff, grabbed my mat, my water, and a snack and rushed out the door.
Chocolate Mint- good! (and gotta make sure Aron can keep her new job by eating Clif!)
Due to some road closures and my somewhat late departure, I definitely had to rush to get to the park and was worried I'd be late. But, because of the road closures, the folks at lululemon decided to delay the start of the class to make sure we all got there. So I settled onto my mat and got ready for it to start.
blue skies and sun- perfect for yoga in the park
I was a little worried about how uneven the ground was, but as the class started I quickly forgot about it and just enjoyed the yoga. We did some sun salutations, some flow, some standing poses...all in the bright sunny park.

One of the cool things about this class was that because it was in Montreal, the class was bilingual. The teacher flowed through both French and English throughout the class and it just seemed normal.

As the class came to an end with savasana, I was lying in the park in the sun with 100 or so others and I was truly relaxed and very glad that I convinced myself that I had time to get to the class when I woke up that morning. It also made me wish I lived in a climate where events like this could happen all year long.

Have you ever done an outdoor yoga class? If not, do you think it is something you'd like?


Leigh said...

I've never done an outdoor yoga class, but it sounds fun! And sounds like the perfect weather for it

Lauren Michelle said...

Outdoor yoga sounds like somethings I need. I feel like I need some time to clear things out of my mind.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

FUN! I have never done an outdoor class. A teacher here was offering them every Sunday this summer but I just never made it to one and now I kind of regret that!

Heather said...

that class looks amazing! You must have had such a nice weekend after that!

Toronto Girl West said...

You know I had no clue about Salutation Nation even existing, before this weekend. My nearest Lululemon is in Banff and I think it would have been mighty cool to do an outdoor class there!

And nope - never gone to one outside before. In fact, I've only ever gone to a handful of yoga class. Most of my practice has been done to Rodney Yee DVDs!