Friday, September 16, 2011

grating butter- it really works

I was flipping through pictures the other day when I came across a picture I had taken while making cookies. That evening, I decided I wanted to make cookies, but the butter was frozen. Instead of giving up (because you can't whip frozen butter with sugar to make the lovely fluffy consistency you need for cookies), I remembered a tip I had heard about what to do when you don't have enough time to let your butter come to room temperature. You grate it. So I got out the cheese grater and started grating that butter! The product looked like this:
grated butter and the best of bridge
Sure, it looked a little weird and a little like spƤtzle, but the important part was that it worked! Once I grated the butter and let it sit for a few minutes (while I got out the hand mixer and some of the other ingredients), it was soft enough to cream easily and the cookies were baking in no time. I was rather excited that a random tip actually panned out.

And yes, I do think wine and baking go very well together.

On the books for the weekend I have the Night Race (yaaaay!) and my last longish run before the half marathon on the 25th. My goal for the Night Race (I'm doing the 10K) is not to get too excited and run too fast. I'm going to try to do a warm-up mile and then run most of the rest of the race at half-marathon pace. Hopefully I can stick to that plan! And I'm kind of excited to have a bit of a shorter long run this weekend. I'm ready for the taper!

Any random cooking or baking tips that you've tried and that have actually worked? Anything fun planned for the weekend?


Anonymous said...

My friends are running the night race too. No joke they are doing night race on Saturday, Army Run half-marathon on Sunday and then running in our school's fun 5K on Monday :)

I am "walking" the Army Run 5K and cheering on the massive group of 1/2 marathoners from my school

Marlene said...

When I first saw the pic and read the title, I thought maybe it was for decorative purposes. Neat!

Leigh said...

I've never heard of grating butter but that is a great idea!

Fun! Is the night race put on by Energizer?

Susan said...

This is such a great idea!! I always soften it in the microwave, but it's always still half melted, half hard.

Have fun racing this weekend! I'm racing too! (ie WALKING the Terry Fox event ;) )

Laura said...

Have a great race!
I am a barely functional baker. Maybe wine would help....

Anonymous said...

Hugh taught me the butter grating trick a while ago. I also enjoy massaging the butter if it's too cold.

Sarah said...

that is such a good idea! I'd never have thought of it.