Friday, September 09, 2011

bragging on a friday- getting it done in French

Maybe this seems simple to most, but here is what I did yesterday that I'm proud of:
  • proved I have been living in Quebec for long enough to qualify for resident tuition
  • figured out why the university decided to change my ID code (oh my silly parents for giving me a certain combination of names)
  • rolled with the code change
  • got my new code and unique ID
  • got my student ID card
  • got my student transit pass (well, the temporary one anyway...and the one paid for by my tuition, not the one you have to be younger than 25 for)
  • informed my department of the crazy ID (and name) change
  • got my email set up
  • opted out of the student health and dental plan.
And I did all of that in French. All the paperwork, all of the interactions were en Francais! I was really nervous about getting all of it done in my second language but I did really well. I didn't get flustered and I only "lost my words" once.

It is weird- I know my French is decent, but I feel like it should be better and when I flub up or when I can't think of something I almost feel guilty. Living in Quebec I feel like I should speak French and that I should speak it well. I shouldn't make silly mistakes and everyone should understand me.

Yesterday, I went to the University knowing that I had to get all of this stuff done and that it was OK if I couldn't do it all in perfect French. I had no choice but to figure it all out and get it all done. Once the pressure was off, it was fine! I just relaxed and things went well. I even finished my final interaction with "Wow- and I just did that all in French!" and the person (who knew I was an anglophone and that my program at the university is in English) said "and you did it well!"

So I walked away happy and feeling great. Plus, I walked away with a student ID card that makes me feel very fancy because I forgot which faculty my program is a part of:
Where do I pick up my lab coat and stethoscope?
What did you accomplish this week that you were proud of?


Laura said...

Awesome job! I was in French immersion from kindergarten to grade 7 but have basically lost all of it.
I'm proud of getting out for my run last night. I really didn't want to but busted out a great run.

Kirst said...

So me not knowing any french is wondering what that says under your name on the id card. Nobody mock me please. :(

Jordan said...

For those of you who don`t parle francais, medicine is french for medicine.

Jordan said...

That should be medecine is french for medicine.

Jjordan said...

Nailed it!

kristen said...

Bahaha :)

Marlene said...

Oooo exciting - congratulations étudiante!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Congrats!! I always wished that I was fluent in French.
My hubby went to French Immersion all the way through school and while he has lost a lot of it due to lack of practice, he did really well when we were in France. I love hearing him speak in French!

I am confused about the name change though? Do your initials spell something bad/funny? My sis couldn't name her daughter Sarah or else her initials would have been SNM!!
Do you have to go by your maiden name in Quebec (or did you just never change it like me?)

Heather said...

Jordan... you crack me up. etudiante is french for female student Kirst.

Reverend Joyleaf said...

el niño is spanish for the niño

Michelle said...

I'm proud of my "run" this morning. It was more like a sloe job but I covered the distance I wanted to and didn't give up. Not bad for my first time out in a month : )

kristen said...

MC- no putting quotation marks around the run. a run is a run. yay!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I took 4 years of french between junior high and highschool and now I've already forgotten most of it. I'd like to live somewhere or atleast go somewhere where I could use it!

Rasha @ PBAddiction said...

I'd be proud of that too!
I was happy when I was able to have an interaction all in French with a sales associate at Simons department store :P
Of course that just consisted of 'bonjour' 'oui' and 'non'...and 'merci'.

Leana said...

Yay, congratulation on getting all of that done in French!!

Caroline said...

Bravo...ok living in Quebec you mean the Province not the city correct?
this does not look like LAVAL to me. I am from Quebec. Ca..c'est Montreal je pense...ok quelle Universite? en francais..c pas McGill...Universite de Montreal?