Thursday, August 04, 2011

three things thursday- signs of PEI edition

So we know how I love a good today's post involves signs of PEI.

1- You know you're in the maritime provinces when Subway sells lobster:
lobster sub anyone?
We did not go into McDonald's to see if they had the McLobster on the menu...but we really should have. I guess we'll save that one until next time.

2- A few years ago, a friend in Ottawa (who is from PEI) decided that Jordan needed a nickname. As with most nicknames, you generally don't have much choice in the Jordan became known as:
Jo-Joe at Jo-Joe's
Said friend was happy to hear that we not only found a Jo-Joe's seafood eatery, but also had lunch there. I'm hoping you all go to Jo-Joe's now...

3- PEI is apparently eroding at a fairly quick rate (our kayak guide told us, but I can't remember the number). I guess that's what happens when waves are constantly crashing into the coast.
good news- we didn't fall off the cliff
This sign had us singing "Dear Prudence" for the rest of the day.

So- have you seen any regional menu items recently? A Royale with cheese perhaps?


Marlene said...

Lobster and fast food? Definitely Maritimes!!

We were in a TINY town in Newfoundland years ago and there was a legit road sign sign that said DEAF CHILD AT PLAY. Apparently if you have a deaf child in a small enough town, you get a special sign!

Michelle said...

Marlene - I've seen that sign here in Ottawa.

My favorite local fare has got to be the lobster roll at Richard's. I can't stop thinking about it. I'll have to go back in a few weeks.

Reverend Joyleaf said...

Marlene you don't have to live in a small town to get a sign. My son is hearing impaired and we got a sign. This is the sign that was posted at our old street as per our request. I think that link should work.

kristen said...

PEI looks and sounds gorgeous!