Thursday, August 25, 2011

three things thursday- the two truths and a lie edition

Happy Thursday y'all! As I have tomorrow off, today is like Friday for me so 'tis indeed a happy day for me. For today's three things, I thought I'd tell you two truths and a lie. Take a guess as to which is the lie and then tell me a truth and a lie of your own.

1- I recently got a visor as a part of an online auction package. I have a teeny tiny noggin and I got it with the hope that it would fit but I assumed it wouldn't. I was right. Lucky Jordan got a new hat.

2- I have three (yes THREE) Facebook friends who were born on December 24th. That means I can't really send them my favourite some e card.

3- When I google myself, I'm FINALLY on the first page of hits. It used to take many many pages before the "real" me showed up.

So- tell me a truth and a lie. And which do you think is my lie?


Leigh said...

I totally Googled you, so number three is true. I am going to say number two is false...that's a lot of Christmas eve birthdays!

Heather said...

Well I know you have a small head... So I'll go with number 2 as the lie. I think you only have 1 FB friend with a Xmas eve birthday.

Derek said...

Hmmmmmm, what the heck, #1 is false, I like daring to be different.

Marlene said...

#2 = false

AFM... [why is it so hard to think of 3 random things on the spot?]

1. I was born on the 13th and get super paranoid any time my Birthday falls on a Friday

2. The fast food I eat most frequently is Subway.

3. I have never traveled west of Ontario.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I am going with #2 as a lie.

For me: 1) I can't smell and 2) I backpacked in Asia for 3 months before getting married.