Thursday, August 11, 2011

three laughs thursday

Last night, Jordan discovered one of my friend's favourite websites:
We both sat there laughing and watching animal videos for a little longer than I'm comfortable admitting so I decided to share some of my favourites- old and new.

First up- from the aforementioned website. If you find turtles creepy (and I know some people do), you won't like this, but I love it. The video here is a little long- so if you want the short version, click here.

Second- I love pugs. I love them, I want one, I have to prevent myself from running up and cuddling every pug I see on the street. So this video cracks me up. Also, I know someone who took pretty much the same picture of her daughter when she fell in the toilet. I stand by the decisions of both the dog owner and said parent. as long as it is butt first and not in an outhouse, falling in toilets is hilarious.

Third- Everyone loves watching people who are sedated. There was the girl who thought Ellen was there after she got her wisdom teeth out, that kid in the car seat who wanted to know if this was real life, so why not a sedated kitty?  (just glad there was no turtle there to but the poor kitty's butt)

There you go- a little insight into what we sit and giggle about when no one is around. I admit it- I love funny animal videos...
What about you? Animal videos- yay or nay?

(oh, and if you're looking for something a little more intellectually stimulating- I came across this news story on how we adjust to the heat. Did you know that we actually have more blood as we adjust to the heat??)


Laura said...

too funny...
the honeybadger is still a favorite of mine. We are always taking about how we are like the HB...we don't give a Sh*t.

Toronto Girl West said...

I found that website the other day . . . CRACKED ME UP!!!!

My favourite was the one of the cat on the "hover craft." HA!!! Best laughs I've had in forever!!!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Haha, I spend more time than I care to admit looking at silly videos like that!!

jnelle said...

funny animal videos bring such joy to my life. my fave of all time is "baby monkey riding on a pig".