Monday, August 29, 2011

one day, three microbrews

Saturday was a day for beer. We wanted to get out of the city and weren't sure exactly what we wanted to do. So since we like beer, we headed out to Vankleek Hill, Ontario for a visit to the Beau's Brewery.

We can't get Beau's in Quebec, so we wanted to pick up some of their LugTread  Lagered Ale but we were also hoping to try their seasonal "Festivale" summer beer. Unfortunately for us, they sold out of the Festivale on Thursday. Just a couple of days too soon. But they had plenty of Lug Tread so we left with enough of that to keep us happy for awhile.
Beau's is all natural. So is Jordan.
Once we got back into the city, Jordan suggested hitting up the St. Ambroise Terrace- a place where the beer flows and where there is live music on weekend afternoons. As we were standing in line at the bar, I noticed they had some beer glasses on display, one of which had a pumpkin on it. I started to get a little excited...the St. Ambroise Citrouille is probably my favourite seasonal beer in the world (Big Rock Winter Spice being a close, close second). The perfect mix of beer and spice that just makes me so happy. As the person in front of us was being served, I heard words that I didn't want to hear: I heard the bartender tell the guy in front of me that they were out of Pumpkin beer. My heart sank a little and I thought to myself "really? denied special seasonal beer TWICE in one day??" 
It should read the greatest pumpkin ale
Instead of just assuming they were out, I gave the bartender the "So I hear you're out of pumpkin?" Different bartender, different answer and I walked away with a cup of deliciousness and with a smile on my face (I believe my exact words were "I'm SO HAPPY").

Later that night, it was a third brewery for birthday beers with friends. Off to the Dieu du Ciel brew pub which is probably one of the best deals for beer in the city. Great beer for a great price ($6.00 a pint for good microbrew? YES PLEASE). I had a pint of their Blanche du Paradis- a Belgian style white beer that is one of my favourites. Just the right balance of the citrus and the wheat that goes down smoothly and deliciously.

And just because I was curious, I tried a taste of their Summer Solstice Sour Cherry Wheat beer. Sour- YES. Wow! Even though I enjoyed it, I was very glad to only have a couple of ounces of it.

So there you go- one day, three brewerys. A practically perfect way to spend a Saturday! (and apparently, the perfect way to carb-load for a Sunday long run)

Do you have a favourite seasonal beer? Do you like the light summer beers or the darker winter ones? (Or are you like my sister in law and claim beer tastes like piss and olive juice?)


Lulu said...

hmm, no seasonal favourites, but I've been to that brewery in Vankleek Hill and once the house is finished in Rockland, I bet we go a lot more often... perhaps once the little one arrives and I can partake in an occasional brew, I'll think of your suggestions :)

Rebecca said...

Haha piss and olive oil??!! My favorite seasonal beer is the Clocktower's Pumpkin Ale. I prefer Clocktower's brew to the St. Ambroise one. Sam Adams in the states makes a similar Octoberfest beer, but Clocktower's is so yummy (which makes it a bit dangerous haha).

I am missing this years batch of pumpkin ale which makes me sad. I might save a few bottles of St. Ambroise or Sam Adams for Christmas time when I can have a drink again.

Marlene said...

I actually don't like beer AT ALL and sometimes I feel like I'm missing out! Sounds like a fun day.

Leigh said...

Haha I would be with your sister in law on that one! I dislike beer greatly!

Derek said...

How do people not like beer.

God invented it to make people happy, do they not like being happy :-)

And to answer your question, summer brews for me please!

Now all I can think about is having a beer but I've got five more hours of work and 3 hours of class tonight before that happens. Damn